Launch Date Set for MT Knives Stake Holder Program — 45 Comments

  1. chrome was blocking the submit button on the form for some reason. I was able to submit in firefox.

    • Patrick must be using the javascript version of that form from Aweber. I will let him know.

  2. I plan on being a partner/investor in MT knives. One recommendation I would make for Patrick is to request from partners (if they’re willing to divulge such information and participate at a more engaged level) is information on their own skill set or expertise. Do we have partners that are metallurgists, engineers, procurement experts or machinists, etc. that Patrick can reach out to for consultation and assistance if needed? For example, I’m guessing that Jack will be advising Patrick on the business side of things…is there a partner that has access to a Rockwell testing device to test the hardness of metal tempering if Patrick is testing different tempering and metal quenching processes……or perhaps a partner has access to a supply chain of materials that Patrick would like to use for his knives?

    Just an idea.

  3. will those that registered beforehand have their places held, or is it “you gotta be awake and click that button at 9am on the dot before 100 other people do” kinda thing?

    pretty confused how this is gonna roll now…

    • Well we have been very clear. The email list just keeps you notified, the launch date is announced. On that date and time it is a free for all, show up and get a spot or if you snooze you lose. The email form just gets you on a list so you get notified of any changes, reminded, etc.

  4. I was wondering, what will be the typical prices of the 100 custom knife runs for the stakeholder program? What would the typical retail price be set at (range or ballpark) and what would the wholesale price typically be IF a stakeholder decided to sell their knife on a particular run? Just curious.

    I am in, just hope I don’t have any glitches since I am out of town and have no internet… have to go to the public library and they open at 9am! gonna probably be pushed down a few spots because of that.


  5. hmmm, what would have been cool for MT is if he had saved spots 96 through 100 and once the 95th spot was sold, start auctioning off the last 5 spots one at a time to the highest bidder

  6. aw man, the site isn’t working, “500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request”

  7. Is there a password?? I have been refreshing since 9 and have not seen the paypal option come up

  8. I figured something was going wrong when I got the ‘only one hour left till the sit goes live!’ email came two hours early. I think we’re seeing some automation gone sideways. Hopefully Patrick is up and trying to fix this.

  9. Guys, the password thing was there the whole time. The page was set up in advance and then set to be password protected until it went live at 9am today.

  10. The launch was supposed to be 9am CDT or 10am EDT. Patrick sent out an email 2 hours before the launch saying it started in an hour. Very confusing. It is still crashing with an error 500 at 10am EDT. I think the server is overwhelmed.

  11. I think we crashed the site. Guess this is going to sell out quick once it gets up and running

    • I hope not. Patrick said the mailing list had 300 people on it. If the site couldn’t handle 300 people visiting all at once, that’s a weaksauce server.

  12. This feels like when I was younger and trying to purchase tickets to a high demand concert on Ticketmaster.

  13. Uh oh, somewhere a server just melted: “Error establishing a database connection”

  14. Lol. Refresh, copy/paste, refresh, copy/paste, sip of coffee… repeat.
    This should be a huge success for him once it comes up.

  15. LOL! even a PayPal lag. Jack guessed 2 hr sell out… I would guess an hour max!

  16. BOOM BABY! I’m in. And, yeah, apparently that’s a weaksauce server the man has got. Oh well, I’m thrilled I got in on this.

  17. I’m curious how the ordering will go. By PayPal item number? Wasn’t sure if he can see the exact time down to a second of the PayPal transaction.

    • WOW! Thats all I got about that. Thanks for the heads up on the email Notorious!

    • Considering the cluster that occurred & we apparently all invested within 6 min of each other, he should just randomly assign the stake position numbers. But, I also understand not wanting to change the pre-posted rules that were to govern the assignment.