Late Episode Today — 22 Comments

  1. Now I will have to download a past episode for my long car ride home. πŸ™‚ That’s ok, I am sure your past episodes are great too. Maybe I will just hit the random episode and download it.

  2. Seeing as it is late at night in europe as I am reading this I misread the title as “last episode today” which scared the hell out of me.

    gotta go to bed….

    • Good point, Steven! There are so many things I need/want to learn from the both of you (and many others here). Thanks!

  3. “a good kick in the ass, old school style TSP episode” are you recording it while driving and cussing through traffic? πŸ™‚

    • Makes me think of the first time I heard jack go off on some “assclown” driver. I had never heard that term before, and coffee came out of my nose. Hot coffee in your nose sucks btw.

  4. I wish someone with lots of time on his/her hands could go through the old VW Jetta episodes and electronically clean them up! That would be so awesome.

    • Too much CSI! Cleaning up audio is a modern myth. It is like spit shinning a turd, the old episodes are what they are. If someone could change them I wouldn’t want them to. They are the root of what made TSP into the tree it is today.

      • While CSI levels of audio clean up are TV myths, there is a lot that can be done to clean up audio like that on the old podcasts. Background noise can be removed, dynamics can be adjusted and equalization can be done to remove harshness.
        This is actually a service that I have considered offering to podcasters along with basic editing etc.
        Ironically one of the programs used to do this, Izotope Rx, is used to clean up the production audio on many TV shows, including CSI.

    • Interestingly enough, I went back and re listened to this one before even seeing this post.

    • I listened to it the day before Jack’s Xmas holidays were over and he was sharing music via that Cloud app, I forget what it was

  5. Since this episode came out late I did not get a chance to listen to it today but will on my hour drive in the morning.. Always love the show jack I dont think I missed one in three years.. I have to do another call in, I am Brent the caller from Michigan with Japanese bettles.. I had a offer from the guy that owns the 10 acres next to me and he wants to raise a few cows with me and I said hell ya.. I forgot which bio accumulators you said would be good plant in the pasture.. I think its going to take us this summer to finish the fencing before we can get them..

  6. Hey Steven Harris I just seen your post on here, I should call you former co worker. I make a long drive to Auburn hills everyday and listen to jack show all the way goood listening LOL.. Take care Steve just wanted to give you a shout out.. Brent

  7. Brent… OH… you’re a CTC person. I was at JTE, often called PROC and that was not to the liking of us old Jeep and Truck Engineering people… we were NOT an office complex. We were engineering. Well… that’s all gone now, most of JTE is gone now , if not all of it and all of the JTE people and their platforms were moved to CTC. I spent a lot of time at CTC in the climatic chambers and tunnels and such, but never had desk space there.


  8. Thats cool steve glad to hear back from you, I always enjoy when you and Jack do a show together keep it up.. Another 10 years here then I am done. Take care Brent