Last Shot for the PermaEthos PDC — 10 Comments

  1. Jack, I am taking Geoff’s PDC right now. can you recommend a kit to test the PH of the Soil.

    Martin From Morgan Hill, Ca.

  2. Can you point me in the direction of a description of the PermaEthos Class 001? I can’t listen every day and I think I missed what it is about.



  3. Sorry the second round didn’t sell out. I think the first round went so fast because it was more about being part of PermaEthos than taking the PDC. I know that was my motivation and I’m sure it was for many others.
    It’s an incredible project and I’m grateful to be part of it.

    • We are not disappointed, we actually are first of all ecstatic that so many signed up period. Second though due to the fact the second round didn’t sell out, we know anyone that really wanted in, got in. It may sound crazy but if round two sold out fast, I would have been disappointed. I felt like we priced it very fair but high enough and with enough seats that anyone who really wanted to be part of the first class, could be.

  4. Jack,
    Have you taken the time to truly think about what you have accomplished? From the days of the Jetta to today you have woken up thousands of people, not only in our country but the world! You are currently changing human behavior on being great stewards of the earth. In essence taking us back to our roots and righting the ship that has been off course for well over 100 years. Nobody can ever take that from you my friend, not even the assclowns in D.C. I can’t wait for the PDC!!!!!!!!!

    • When I really think about it, it is overwhelming, I really can’t even begin to take it in, how far we have come. In fact as wonderful as it is, we have so much to do that I can only pause for so long to think about it.

  5. Thank You Jack, for changing the direction in my life, from being one sided dogmatic, to taking a step back and seeing the picture of the human condition, and wanting to make a positive change in my community.