Last of the Sentinel Shirts — 8 Comments

    • Jake – Gear shop is not closing. Some of these favorites were selling very slow, and it was eating up space and money to keep them fully stocked. We feel we can put those resources towards some new, fresh items. We will keep the audience posted when the new items are available. You may also see some of this favorite artwork appear on new items, hoodies, mugs, patches, etc. Stay tuned.

  1. Are we unable to use our msb discount, if we want to checkout with paypal? I am not seeing any place to enter my msb discount code prior to getting the “check out with paypal” button. Are there any known browser compatibility issues that may be causing an “enter discount” box to not render? I really want to order one of these shirts, so please advise…
    Thanks for all you do with the gear shop, Jack & Kelly!

    • Marcus – You can definitely use the MSB coupon code for this, and some MSB discounts went through earlier today for these. There are no known compatibility issues for promo codes. If you are still having trouble place your order and and place your MSB discount code in the comments section, and we will refund the 10%.

      • Thanks for the info. I was able to get my order placed. The field to enter my msb code did come up farther along in the process, and the discount looks like it was applied. Going to paypal BEFORE entering all codes and discounts is just not the order of operations I am used to seeing on most sites, so it required a little “re-education” on my part. Thanks for the quick reply.