Last Chance for the Geoff Lawton Online PDC + Free Online Earth Works Course — 9 Comments

  1. Me too. Though technically I was past the “deadline” the link still worked and the sytem processed payment. Unfortunately my login no worky yet. It’ll get sorted one way or the other. @Charles, can you log in yet?

  2. This course looks amazing, and I hope it continues to be offered in the future. I’d love to do this later in 2013. What a great opportunity.

  3. I signed up today (May 11) also and am stoked about the course. I had the same problem with the login working. It worked right after I paid and went straight to the site with the link. Once I signed off I can’t get back on. What is the specific address for the course itself? I maybe going to the wrong site.

    • @James, this seems to be it. Though I never got a confirmation email and could never login. Maybe because we were just after the deadline? I was curious so even though I had the password, I hit recover password and it doesn’t seem to know my email at all. It’s possible, though very unlikely I just messed up with my registration email. Anyway, try the link below. Maybe you’ll have better luck. I’m sure it’s just a little technical glitch.

  4. I’m already in. The introduction videos alone are awesome.

    On the down side, I don’t care for the fact that Geoff took away his “teaser” videos now that his course is going on. Even though I bought in, I have friends who didn’t. Smells of cheap & cheezy online marketing BS…. but hey caveat is I did buy, and as for now, I’m getting my moneys’ worth. So if you were a cheapster/freester, bitch on your own.

    • I got in. It was my error when typing my email. Doh!

      I agree the teasers should be left up elsewhere, perhaps just on a YT page some where, or a permanently accessible subsection of There’s definitely a lot of “pitch” leading in, but I think the goods are there. See you there.