Episode-2779- The Future Belongs to Land Holders and Entrepreneurs — 4 Comments

  1. I am “selling the dog(s)”! The market for puppies/dogs (any quality) is through the roof and there is currently an extreme shortage of well-bred dogs of all breeds in the USA and worldwide. I am taking advantage of my history as a hobby breeder of quality, well-bred dogs and expanding into a business that still maintains the reasons why I earned my reputation over the past decades. As society changes, my goal is to be able to maintain my quality breeding program by expanding what can be offered (training, as an example) and market to those who can afford it. My puppy price has increased by $1K this past year and I still have people clamoring for them. My goal is to move to TX next year, get some acreage with ponds that will allow my Goldens & Tollers to be the retrievers they are bred to be. Since I don’t have a family, I want to partner with someone interested in continuing on with my lines and with people wanting to do other projects on the land that I won’t have the time and energy to do.

  2. Jack your honesty is refreshing. Your ability to see through the BS, we are being taught and the propaganda that is being pushed in the official narratives, is amazing.

    Thank your for your great TEACHING!

  3. Thanks for doing this show Jack – and of course all of the other shows you do as well. Although I have been aware that this has been coming for awhile, I am still living in the suburbs as a single woman, I don’t know how I would live out in the country without a husband. I have most of my preps in order and have been gardening for quite a while but still, I feel that I need to be out in the country and time is growing very short, especially now that everyone seems to be migrating out of cities and driving the prices up 🙁
    I find myself feeling very scared about the future and sometimes I just want to stick my head in the sand and pretend that this isn’t happening, but that is what the majority of people are doing and it solves nothing. But I digress…
    I have encouraged my son to listen to this and tell all of his friends about it and encourage them to tell everyone they know as well so we can get the word out to the younger generation in-particular. I have been talking about Agenda 21 and 2030 for quite some time now and of course people think it’s conspiracy but now I think people are really scratching
    their heads because of recent events and wondering how these things could be happening so it’s my hope that they’re starting to wake up and they’ll be ready to hear these things.

    Along the meat front – there is a documentary called ‘Sacred Cow The Nutritional, Environmental, and Ethical Case for Better Meat ‘ that would complement your shows nicely. They do a great job explaining the health benefits, refutting Vegan claims that red meat is bad for us, and more importantly, they have a segment that talks about regenerative agriculture and how important it is for rebuilding our broken food system.
    They tackle all of the important topics without politicizing the issues which would be an automatic turn off for many people who need to hear this.
    I am not affiliated with this film, my functional medicine practitioner sent me the link, I just thought it was important to share.
    You can watch it for free until November 30th – I didn’t want to put a link in here in case it gets stripped out but you access it by searching for ‘sacredcow’ all one word.