Lamb Skewers Off Grid Cooking with a Jamaican Coal Pot — 13 Comments

    • @Hank well I appreciate the effort but that link is in the notes above and it is the source I mentioned in the video.

  1. How heavy is the stove?

    I know grilling and pan frying are not the same but if fuel availability and time were all equal, would you reach for this or EcoZoom just to put a pan onto and heat up something like a stew?

  2. Jack, what size is yours and what size would you recommend?

    Small- 11 inches wide at the top and 6 1/2 inches tall
    Medium- 12 inches wide at the top and 7 1/2 inches tall
    Large- 13 inches wide at the top and 8 1/4 inches tall

  3. I know the videos are about cooking but I’m curious I’f that was scotch your drinking and if so, what scotch?

  4. This is a good example of survive vs. thrive. Would you rather be eating MRE’s and freeze-dried, or jamaican squirrel skewers marinaded in homemade blackberry wine cooked over your jamaican coal pot? 😀

    So Jack, are you thinking that this coal pot and the Ecozoom rocket stove are more complimentary to each other rather than filling the exact same niche?

    • Yes indeed you can do some of the same things with both but both do different things better. The coal pot would not make efficient use of wood, it is made to burn charcoal. It is great slow cooker, I think it is definitely better for such use then the rocket stove. It excels for dutch oven stuff.

      You can get water to boil with a few sticks with the rocket stove, it would be awesome for anything calling for that. It is good for frying and less likely to splatter and set flame to your face then doing it with the coal pot. If I wanted to make an evening tea, firing up the coal pot would just be a waste of time, 4 old pine cones would likely boil the kettle in the rocket stove, etc.

      I really have a lot of learning to do with the coal pot, I think it would be awesome to spend a few weeks in Jamaica with women who cook the entire households means with them. It seems to be a very eloquent tool that requires a lot of knowledge to use to its full potential. The rocket stove is a lot more strait forward, but it also can cook nice and slow if you use the charcoal version. Both are versatile and fun for sure.