Kydex for the Mora 2 Classic — 48 Comments

  1. Jack,
    I just got my two knifes yesterday and was just going to post on the forum about some sheaths for beat me to it.

    Yes please, I would like them available.

  2. Is there a video on how you customized it? I’ve never done really any work with knives and would love to learn.

    • Not yet be I have to do a few more we can video that but basically use a butane torch, make the paint bubble and strip it off with sand paper or a dremil which is a lot easier if you have one. Finish handle as you desire, to pantina just soak the blade in vinegar. Some use mustard to put a pattern on. I am going to do at least one with gun bluing to see how that works.

  3. Very interested. I see the knife as almost useless without a good way to keep it secure and on my persons (for out in the field).

    I loved the DIY to get that knife into shape. Looks a million times better after your mods.

  4. Jack,
    If you keep them under $20. they will sell. Include a site where they can order the Mora Knife and you will be in business. I have used these knives for many years, have not lost or broken one yet.

    Good Luck with the venture and I think you can sell a lot of additional products if you will showcase them the way you did these sheaths.

  5. I’d buy one – i’ll second the request for a how-to video on the Mora customization too. Also, love your new MSB weekly videos.

  6. where do you get the knife? first time I have heard of these. looks nice as well as the sheath

  7. I would be interested in one for a classic 2. Please make the sheath ambidextrous or offer a model for us southpaws.

    I customized mine awhile ago. Did the vinegar thing to the blade, sanded the red paint off, stained handle with dye made from walnut husks, and sealed with polyurethane. I also dropped some epoxy in the handle where it meets the blade to keep debris and fluids out.

  8. I have and love this knife – would appreciate a better sheath. I would certainly be interested should you decide to market them.

    Handle modification I found online:
    – Buy some heat shrink tubing (black)
    – Cut to handle length
    – Slice small “gashes” into the wrap
    – Cover the handle and heat it up with a heat gun
    Makes for a great rubber-handled grip!

  9. Jack, after watching your home video (jalepeno, cheese, bacon BBQ), I was wondering if you are still going to offer the knife with the kydex, or just the kydex. You made the comment that you can get them on Amazon for 13 bucks, but wasn’t sure if that meant you are going to just sell the sheath, or still plan on both…..thanks.

  10. Roger….understand all ,but it would of been easier to just say yes I am carrying them the end of October, like you said on the post to me, or no I am just offering the kydex.