Korean Natural Farming with Sherri Miller – Epi-3161 — 5 Comments

  1. I loved the interview with Sherri Miller on natural farming! If others are not familiar with the work of John Kempf who she mentioned, I highly recommend checking out his stuff! I have been enjoying his podcast and videos for several years now and think he may be one of the most brilliant folks in the history of understanding plant heath. I didn’t see any links to his work in the show notes so I thought I would share some here. I know she said some of his work has a paywall. As far as I know that is pretty much just the things like the ability to consult with him live or in person. I’ve been watching and listening to all this stuff for a long time, no paywall at all.

    His video channel with lots of seminars, Q&A’s, etc –
    You might want to start with this video as when I watched it a few years ago it opened my mind to a whole new world of possibilities around our property- (You’ll notice you will almost never see Mr. Kempf’s face in a picture or video as he is Amish.)

    His podcast where he interviews many interesting and brilliant folks –
    I haven’t yet found an episode boring even though many are geared towards people farming at a far larger scale than what we are doing on 3 acres, most of the ideas are highly applicable to things I do too. If you need an episode to start with, check out this one that particularly interested me as I grew up in PA, have many friends and family in the dairy industry, and most are quitting or going broke right now. While this guy is getting totally different results.

  2. I think I need to try KNF!

    I second that John Kempf has some great content.

    I particularly liked his appearances on Matt Powers’ podcast. (site won’t let me link it)

    The implications of those were pretty mind-blowing.