Episode-2261- Getting Kids Excited About Prepping and Learning — 3 Comments

  1. I never even realized how weak and uninformed other millennials were until I moved to the city and started making friends and dating in a big city in a new state.

    The tiny rural town I grew up in was like a last holdover of your childhood by the sounds of it, we had a great woodshop and metal working classes. I remember taking welding specifically to get better at it than I was from my dad and brother trying to teach me when I was about 13, specifically because it would help me when the shit hits the fan.

    I used to hate that my dad would make me help work on his trucks in the freezing cold and the miserable work of taking care of hogs in the freezing cold, I used to feel like the snowflake of the family but now I’m the tough blue collar kid in my social circle. I’m thankful as hell I can fix cars but I never plan on touching hog shit again lmao.

  2. Jack, great show. Thanks for the prompt to GSD with the kids more. Summer vacation had us running around and fishing, but need to bring in some other skillets.