Episode-2973- Eating Keto on the Go — 8 Comments

  1. I had a very serious foot/ankle surgery and am unable to go back to work. It is vital that I keep my weight down. Exercise is almost impossible due to my disability.
    No hoof, no horse. The only difference is I’m not in a can of Alpo.
    This means keto not on a dime…but on a penny.
    Get a little waffle maker and you can make your own cheese crisps in one of those.
    I’m so sick of hamburger. Listening to you talk about steak…oh my….yum.
    Being creative is everything. Mexican = lettuce, hamburger, cheddar and just a little salsa.
    Eggs are cheap. Learn to make your own mayo so you’re not eating that horrible soybean GMO rot.
    I don’t have a microwave so everything gets done on the stove.
    Don’t get swindled into buying expensive keto supplements. Everybody is selling something.
    I was glad to hear what you said about seasonal fruit. I miss apples more than anything. But even one apple will throw me off.
    My doctor put me on zero carb for a while. After two months, I needed something GREEN. It was broccoli. I never knew broccoli could be as satisfying as ice cream. But it was.
    Your thoughts on the keto ice cream? It’s super expensive so it had better be worth that rare treat (like a birthday).
    Remember….it takes two weeks to get back into ketosis. Always ask when temptation hits always ask “is it worth it?”

    • I love making my own Mayo, I have used both Olive oil, and Avocado Oil, of the two I prefer the Avocado because it has a lighter flavor.

  2. I like “Nicks Stix”, and I just recently found Chomps. I don’t know off the top of my head weather “Nicks Stix” has sugar or not but I have “Chomps” right in front of me and there is NO Sugar and it has all the good for you credentials, this Turkey one has only 60 cal, but it has 10 grams of protein. Both are good tasting but comparatively they taste different from each other.

  3. It’s scary how similar we think independent of each other but you always have something fresh I think I am going to look for or make some pork rinds lol keep it up and stay healthy I know it ain’t easy once a month for bourbon really?

  4. I found this comment in this link: Russell had their number. The only thing in this that I disagree with is his saying the plains tribes did not depend on buffalo/meat for survival because they didn’t have refrigeration. First of all the climate was considerably colder in winter a few hundred years ago. Near their winter grounds caches/pits would be dug down to the permafrost, pits lined with stones and late in the season large game would be stored in those pits. In the summer meat was dried, not like the jerky we buy at the store, but smoked, stick-like strips that were also smoked while drying to keep flies off. This jerky was stored as is and also made into pemmican. Rendered fat from the buffalo was mixed with dried grans, fruits and jerky turned into a power by pounding it in a log or with stones. mixed together and stuffed into cleaned intestines, twisted into sausages it was smoked and stored. It was a perfect travel food, and in winter was added to stews made with small game to add fat and vitamins. Toward the end of the winter there might be some hungry people, but they would also eat meat that was quite “high” or near rancid. In the pre-horse days hunting parties often ran huge numbers of buffalo off cliffs then spent days preserving the meat, hides and yes. they were meat eaters. When traveling women could gather plants and roots along the way and they moved camps to be closer to certain resources. One of the main causes of the high rate of diabetes in indigenous people is the sudden shift from a primarily meat/vegetable diet to one that was primarily grain based with too little protein.