Ken Berry on the Proper Human Diet – Epi-3518 — 2 Comments

  1. Question for Dr Berry:
    How does a person with weaker kidneys (67year old male with a recent Acute Kidney Injury) successfully remain Carnivore/Keto, and not burdening the kidneys??

    My dad has been diabetic for 15ish years (not currently treated with meds, try to control with diet), and i have somewhat succcessfully got him to eat mostly meat/fish/cheese. Time to time, however, i sometimes find fruits stashed and appearing in his fridge.

    He went to the ER recently and diagnosed with AKI..and they had to remove 2 liter of fluid from his bladder. His prostate got enlarged (i believe that his body was trying to purge heavy metals from his body too quickly.) Cadmium, Nickel,etc…like his hair mineral analysis showed.

    Are there simply SOME people who require some leafy greens, to prevent skyrocketing BUN and creatinine? Values: 7-3-24..BUN: 170..Creatinine 14.2….. 7-5-24…BUN: 113, Creatinine: 8.7…

    Would his kidney situation change if he was hardcore about his Keto/Carnivore diet no fruit? It just seems like my urging him to eat more meat HAS contributed to the AKI.. HOW TO MAKE SENSE OF ALL THIS?

    • Oh yeah, btw, they havent released him from the progressive care unit. He had a bit of blood coming out attached to that catheter, in his urine, various blood clots…but they irrigated the bladder, and helped clear up the urine pretty well. Its now pinkish, not red. Thanks for the guidence.

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