Episode-1260- Michael Kaye on his book The Awakening — 9 Comments

  1. …Yea but Jack,
    The Constitution doesn’t mention “Not Tracking” Cell phones, so that means they CAN… riiiiight?
    This is the same crap they pull on the Second Amendment.
    It says “Keep and Bear Arms”- NOT bullets.

    All I know is I, and litterally EVERYONE I know, are completely, entirely and totally “FED-UP” with these scumbag usurpers of our Republic.

    • Unfortunately, I know all too many people who think these “scumbag usurpers” are doing God’s work. A cousin of mine, who is a self-described socialist, absolutely believes Obama is what this country needs and would like to see him do more. It was all too delicious when she got a notice from her employer that her insurance premiums were going up 110% because of Obamacare. But did she blame him? No! It was the greedy insurance executives fault who needed more more to ensure they got their bonuses.

      This is a problem rampant everywhere. Look at all the uproar prior to the last election, and as much of a failed message as Romney was as a candidate, the electorate still put Obama back in office. If there was real dissatisfaction with his policies, the gap between their tallies would theoretically be much closer than it was.

      I’m very much more a pessimist about the ability of the people to bring this country back from the brink. Too many people believe the government has a role, and a significant one at that, to be involved in our lives whether it’s at the economic level as the “left” would do, or in our personal lives as those on the “right” would do. And I think the vast bulk of people are somewhere in between, believing the government should tinker here and there on both sides.

      It’s the real rare individual who finds the “scumbag usurpers” on both sides that are the problem.


    • Actually no, we have this thing called the 10th amendment “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

      BY THE CONSTITUTION. Basically, every law that THE CONSTITUTION doesn’t specifically delegate to the federal government to do, is unconstitutional. PERIOD.

  2. I found the segue about food stamps in todays show to be right on point. Pretty familiar with the Pottsville area. Damn it is just sad. Really all of central and western PA. Industry has left those areas long ago. Doubtful if it will ever return.
    The rural areas of the East Coast are by and large screwed. My family is from Western MD. My parents had the good sense to leave the dying small town they grew up in. That was 1981. Im 34. Spent alot of time in that town growing up. Half the kids I used to run around with are on welfare or hooked on prescription drugs or dead. I love all of those areas for the physical beauty and my family and friends.
    I just wonder how people that are so screwed now are gonna fare when the economy craps out in the fashion that Jack and Mr Kaye were speaking of.

  3. About 20 minutes into this episode. Had to pause and applaud your rant about critical thinking instead of regurgitation of talking heads.

    I have found critical thinking led me to abandon talk radio.

    Spot on Jack. Let’s all keep doing TANGIBLE things for our own personal liberty. (Like Prepping and Permaculture).

  4. Jack, not nitpicking, but wanted to point out in this episode and a number of others you introduce the guest twice: at the end of the intro and then in the prerecorded interview. And with Cody there was something you said, “wait, I’ll edit that out” but it was still in the show. Just wanted to point out the lapses there in case you wanted to fix them.

  5. You had asked if anyone can think of any possible way that the NSA storing data about me could be good for ME. I can sort-of think of one… if I ever get accused of a crime I didn’t commit, in theory the data they store on me could prove I was not at the crime scene. Only problem is, there’s no way I could ever in a million years, even with a court order, get that data retrieved to help me out. So, you’re right… there’s no good for me in any of this.

  6. Who was the author of the other book mentioned “After Shock”? If it was mentioned I missed it. Thanks