Episode-2743- Jeremy Kauffman of and Odysee — 7 Comments

  1. Maybe it’s me but it’s difficult to upload videos in the proper format on Odysee. Playback seems very slow as well… spinning wheels.

    New Odysee channel; @ricknewsnetwork

  2. I’m very interested in using LBRY (I normally use bitchute) and I installed the app and have been playing around with it (no issues playing videos that works great). I am rather confused though about a bunch of things:
    – First, it logs in using an email address and never asking for a password. I also don’t see any way to log out again without uninstalling the app.
    – I also went to my PC and brought up page, and it let me log in with my same email address again. (I see it also has an option to add a password, which I did.) It seems to have a separate subscription list that isn’t coordinated between the two. I don’t get it?
    – I’m also having trouble getting to the feed of what I subscribe to in the app. When I initially run it, I see the feed. If I click anywhere else in the UI (e.g. to watch a video), I see no way to return back to the list of what I am subscribed to. I clicked on literally every feature in it and didn’t find it. It shows me ALL the videos the system has, but not just what I subscribe to.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • That’s odd, now I see the Following link. So, I can see the feed. My other questions still apply though particularly how to coordinate phone and PC subscription lists.

    • Most popular option is Bittrex but he did say they were on some swap sites too, I will follow up on that on Monday.