Episode-2788- Draeth Kata of Pirate Chain Returns to TSPC — 9 Comments

  1. I’m new to all of this. Still trying to set up my first wallet and figure out what coins to buy. Is there a basic level tutorial that walks you thru the set up steps. I’ve watched some already but I’m still confused. I need a “basic” basic walk thru.

  2. I went to set up a wallet and forgot which one was recommended. I remember it was discussed in this episode but how far in I cant remember.

    I am hoping someone remembers so I don’t have to listen to it over again.

    Thanks for the help.

    • –Pirate Ocean– I went back and listened. Lucky for me it was the first topic discussed.

  3. In this episode Draeth gave a shout out to an exchange that was working with Pirate. Does anyone remember the exchange he mentioned? There are a few listed on their website but thought I would use the one he mentioned to help them out.

    • Polarity which is built on the waves platform. I was quite disappointed when waves stopped the DeX work it was doing so I stopped watching it. Apparently Polarity built on that block chain. It is a truly decentralized exchange but it seems like it may have a learning curve to it.

      I have been reluctant to push it as I have not used it yet. I plan to play with it a bit again it looks pretty cool. That said withdrawal fees seem high, it costs 4 arrr to withdraw any amount of arrr. Compared to CoinEx which requires only .01 ARRR to withdraw.

      In the end though really the exchange has to make money and 4 ARRR for now is about 90 cents sooooooo.

  4. Looks like the link to Discord is no longer active. Great episode I would like to get more involved with those guys.