Episode-2444- Joel Karsten on Straw Bale Gardens — 6 Comments

  1. Jack, you might want to edit the last few minutes so you don’t give the discount code to the world.

    • Reuploading now, DANG IT I hate mistakes like that. I guess the silver lining is those that got it before it was changed got to hear my response to being offered a comped one.

  2. This straw bale garden looks really cool.  Amazing  at what level ingenuity surfaces.   I think Rex Stout’s older sister would have liked it.

  3. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!  I’ve always struggled with Tomatoes because of the blight in my soil.  I just ordered the kit with my MSB discount and am absolutely psyched to grow tomatoes again.  Thanks Jack!!!

  4. I’m up in Minnesota, same as Joel. I’ve actually met him a couple years ago while we was hustling his system in a local county library (he is still making the rounds big and small)!

    The system works GREAT and we have had success with it.

    Pumpkins loved it especially… so did the pole beans.

    25% discount is another huge Jack win and helps pay for the membership…. LOVE IT

    • I just started inoculation of 6 bales in the aviary last evening. Video due out soon.