Just Because it Comes From Alternative Media Doesn’t Make it Trustworthy — 25 Comments

  1. I find it amusing how quickly people believe whats represented in an image … even though photoshop can do some fantastically amazing things in the right hands.

    • Yea I mean that video has the text,

      Loc: Pent Rm BC232

      That is VERY official and no one short of Steven Spielberg could muster the super special effects to make it look that way right?

      Pent man when you see Pent you just know it has to be from the Pentagon, not just anyone can type those four letters in that order can they.


  2. Mike Adams was not this bad years ago when I got useful info from is site in about 2006. He’s gone downhill probably swayed by the almighty monetary interests of reporting like Alex Jones.

    • Indeed when I started TSP I found his work worthy of inclusion. It was when I looked into advertising there I began to see his true nature. Do you know Mr. Health Ranger who takes tactical training and is supposed to be a big 2nd amendment advocate won’t take any advertiser that sells or even MENTIONS guns.

  3. Hate to crawl around in the mud when it comes to stuff like this, but I can back up these criticisms of Mike Adams.

    Back when I used to work occasionally as a freelance journalist I saw Mike Adams basically steal work from several other writers, particularly from alternative health websites. One writer told me her article had been reformatted and copy/pasted almost word for word at Mike Adams’ website. He or his site editor had taken her article, changed a few words and the article title, and then posted it as their own material. They never mentioned her for credit on the piece, claiming it as their own. We all know what doing that is called. Starts with a P. After doing some digging, she found several other ‘original news pieces’ on his site that had originated from other, smaller alternative news sites. He was pretty much just stealing work from other people and slapping his name on the front page. Low blow stuff in the journalism world.

    The guy’s a charlatan and a media attention seeker. His close ties with Alex Jones and the infowars hype machine are apparent. Their whole network is based on poor sourcing and headline grabbing. They sell fear and ignorance and they don’t care about fact checking, investigation, or objectivity. They’ll say just about anything to end up on Drudge or Huffington Post. Not to say that everything they post are lies, but one must do a BS check before diving into those news stories. Much of it is at tabloid magazine level.

    • Thanks, I don’t think it is getting in the mud by the way to simply speak the truth, do so well and accurately and letting that stand.

    • Mike Adams actually did exactly what you’ve indicated to one my articles. To this day it is my most popular article on my health related website. Mike or one of his stealing trolls must have found it, and then went ahead and reprinted large parts of it without my permission. Of course assclown Adams made it sound like it was all his info. Problem was because of my background in criminal investigations, I was the only one who could have provided the details for this article, not that idiot. I confronted him via e-mail and commented on the article and they just blew me off. His articles are getting more outrageous everyday, he is just a loser trying to make money off the people who don’t know better. Everything he does is based on pimping crappy affiliate products and his own.

      • I guess I should publicly tell people what the coward told me in an email. My concern is the prick would sue me because he specifically said it was to be in confidence, yet I never agreed to that. I ask that and then spoke in a single email.

  4. Well, sadly, Mike Adams is just another bi-product of his age. This is all a hi-tech version of a media carnival, with industry factions trying to out-headline each other for ad revenue and viewership. You throw in planet sized egos and a healthy dose of paranoia, and you have a recipe for disaster. There is so much infighting and sabotage going on behind the scenes in alternative media… it’s just disgusting. I’ve seen several articles and youtube videos posted by people that claimed the radio network I was part of was funded by Israel, that worked for the CIA, that we were all Federal agents working to undermine the liberty movement, etc. It only gets weirder from there. I wouldn’t be surprised to know that someone out there accused me of being a shape shifting lizard.

    That’s why I respect your work, Jack. I don’t always agree with you, but you don’t say or post anything without at least looking into it first, or at least making the statement that it’s just your opinion, or that the issue is still undecided. That’s the difference in media objectivity. People like Mike Adams and Alex Jones blow hard and loudly and claim that everything out of their mouth is scientific fact, and that is patently untrue. It’s also sad to me to see so many people on the internet regurgitating those attention-grabbing news pieces without doing their own research first. We’re living in times of ‘feeling’ intelligence rather than ‘thinking’ intelligence.

    • FWIW here are a few things I have been accused of being over the years.

      A CIA Agent
      A CIA Plant
      A CIA Shill
      A Tool of Homeland Security (to make preppers expose themselves)
      A Big Oil Shill
      On Payroll with Shell Oil
      A Communist/Socialist
      A Doomsday Merchant
      A Government Plant Specifically to Counter Alex Jones (who tells the truth by the way)
      A Terrorist
      A Republican Shill
      A Rush Limbaugh Want a Be
      A Right Wing Shill
      A Left Wing Apologist
      An Asset of the CIA (forgot that one almost)
      A Religious Zealot (this is particularly amusing)
      A Fear Merchant

      I am sure I am leaving a few out. This all makes me feel great by the way.

      “To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” ~Aristotle

  5. Thank you, Jack, for the usual spot-on insight. I have first-hand experience seeing this on a local level. I have a friend that offers a series of preparedness classes at a local store. Some are good, where others are, well, let’s say quite questionable.

    Just last fall, he conducted a class on how the Ebola outbreak was going to result in the government taking everything we have. His source was one of these web sites that are the result of a lot of conspiracy theory mental masturbation exercises. The epidemic was supposed to result in a massive apocalypse and collapse of the U.S. by the end of 2014.

    It was all I could do to keep from standing up and screaming, “BULLSHIT!” I did repeat it several times quietly to my wife sitting next to me. I was annoying several attendees who were gleefully drinking the kool-aid around me.

    After the class, several of us wandered over to a nearby restaurant for coffee. This friend happened to join us where I did let him know of my dissapointment in the subject matter. I asked if he had done any fact checking. I knew the answer, and he responded with the expected, “No.”

    What I have discovered when these outlandish stories are published, the authors generally have something to sell. The night of this class, the store had set up a group buy for some medical supplies. They were creating a problem and selling a solution. This is a tactic of mega-corporations and evidently it is used by the small-fish, as well. Caveat emptor.

    • Oh wow you just made me remember another of Adams’ bullshit claims. That the rate of ebola was going to double every month or some such shit. Can’t find that article, I wonder if it was so f-d up and now proven so wrong that he took it down.

  6. Crap like this does need to be brought out and shown for what it really is: crap. Good for you Jack!
    Love the show!

  7. Jack, I found your site through Glen Tate’s books. All I can say is thank God!

    I visit your site daily to read and listen to your podcasts because I’ve read so much fear mongering on other sites that I was getting seriously stressed out. I love that you call bullshit when you see it and that you approach prepping in a balanced way.

    Your site and podcasts give me hope! Thank you.

  8. Jack,
    You just fell into his trap! The google result you read is a false flag planted by the Pentagon to make you *think* the FunVax is a hoax… in the meantime, millions, no, billions could have been warned before they turn into secular zombies… way to go…

  9. Yes! This article really needed to be called out. I used to follow natural news every day years ago. He got me interested in natural health and trying to heal the root causes of disease. Back then, he was more about natural health and natural living and less about fear mongering. Now, I cannot stand to even look at his headlines. Like others have said, he is trying to be too much like Alex Jones and he’s really bad at math and numbers. I remember when an autism study came out of Atlanta last year or a couple years ago saying that African American children were more likely to get autism from vaccines and his article totally misled people on the numbers from the study. It was basic math and he still couldn’t get it right! He hypes up the Fukushima radiation and then conveniently comes out with his own super special supplement that supposedly detoxes radiation better than anything on the market. I don’t know…some of the products he sells are nice like the organic freeze dried products, but I’ve also found those products elsewhere. He just seems like a greedy misleading writer trying to gain advertisers and viewers like another commenter said above.

    That’s why TSP is so refreshing, Jack. You talk about what we can do as individuals to change our world. You don’t scare us with things we can’t control and you constantly tell us to only focus our energy on things we can control. That message gives me more hope than any politician or celebrity or whatever. I have control over my life as well as what I choose to listen to and believe.

  10. So Jack, you said, “Obama must still be a black panther.” I couldn’t agree more…

    Calm down, I’m just kidding.

    Great post. Thank you for it.

  11. You mentioned that the government has, by their own admission, sprayed chemicals and such on people. Just curious now, when and where and what did they spray? Other than agent orange and DDT. Or was that it?

    • I remember the government coming out and admitting that they had sprayed a chemical that caused sterility on the Guatemalan people. I would estimate that the story broke in 2006.

      • That is one example. Another is they openly admit to doing various “experiments” right now about “fighting climate change”. This is reportedly done over unpopulated ares and on a limited basis. The story is that it is only experimental and done very “small scale” to determine viability of using this technology in the future should the need arise.

        Frankly I feel saying you are spraying such things high in our atmosphere over unpopulated areas is like creating a small area of a public pool for people to pee in and calling the non peeing section pee free.