Episode-1093- Michael Jordan Developing a Prepper Group — 7 Comments

  1. I just listened to the podcast. It was very informing. I get paid once a month, so on April 1st I plan to join the Members Support Brigade. I love what you are doing!!!

  2. This was a great podcast.. I especially loved the part about his son selling them eggs for breakfast! So much better than an ‘allowance’.

  3. “Brent in PEI”

    Jack, the gem in the podcast was:

    “You’ve learned to live with people you don’t like”

  4. Re: starting a sharing/giving list, the guest mentioned freecycle. I’ve recently learned about a new website called Yerdle where you post stuff you’re willing to lend or give away and others do the same. Might be worth checking out, esp if you’re in a large city.

  5. I’m not sure I’d want to hunt with a glass arrowhead. If that thing hits a bone and shatters, there’s a hunk of meat with glass shards that has to be thrown out.