Join Us On A Cool New Facebook Group — 14 Comments

  1. Of all the hosting platforms available, WHY on Facebook?? They could change content, censor content, data mine & sell the info even more than we know they already do, completely shut it down, delete it all, whatever they want at ANY time and all content would be lost.

    Might as well host it directly on a gov’t/NSA server while you’re at it. ….sigh.

    • Oh well because it is about agriculture not secret prepping crap. It is public we don’t care who sees it. Millions of people use facebook and like it. Millions are on it every day and the group with momentum will grow rapidly and organically.

      FB has not made it a general practice to delete a groups content, have they done things I do not like, SURE but in this subject, not hardly.

      There is a market to reach there, that is why you go into any platform. Sure we could spend a ton of money to put something like a FB clone on a secure server which the NSA would still be able to hack and might actually target due to trying to keep them out. We would not have a massive market of millions to reach.

      We would not already in 36 hours have well over 1,000 amazing active people involved. It would not just fit into their existing daily activity. Likely it would fail and end up abandoned like other similar initiatives I have tried to do completely independently. Oh and I would be at the mercy of a coder who would likely get lazy and not want to do the work necessary to keep things updated and keep new features added.

      Sigh indeed!

  2. Thanks for the quick response. I think I understand better your viewpoint. It appears that I was under the misconception that it was more about supporting those WITHIN the new group, rather than attracting (marketing) to those OUTSIDE of it to grow as a MOVEMENT.

    Really though, I would think you would WANT to cross-promote them both (synergy leverage), with the disclaimers of “this is the non-political/sporting/personal-agenda/etc site, and this is not…” as you have done above, but I guess not. And since you already have a wonderful website here, and an equally wonderful forum hosted on your site here ( and so I couldn’t figure out why the new group couldn’t just be another addition to this (I assume WordPress) site…just with a different domain, and no pages connecting one area of the TSP site to the new “Regenerative Agriculture” site directly. Simple expansion. I guess I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes though: You probably put tons of your OWN time into site maintenance and upkeep, which you don’t want to have to do on two of them, pay for tons of bandwidth, etc. And your call for a WordPress-knowledgeable asst (“Coder?”) at some point in the past (I forget which podcast.)

    Note: it’s not that I’m literally worried about NSA for a “farming” topic, it was just an extreme example illustrating my point of not having control of one’s one property (in this case a virtual property) as the site is 100% the property of FaceBook as you now have it set up. Seems ironic to me given the entire nature of the subject matter being, in large part, about controlling and working on one’s OWN property… ?

    As such, I still do not agree with the FaceBook (WasteBook) platform. Never used it. Hopefully never will. This new group MIGHT be an exception, but not looking likely at this point. I can’t even keep up with TSP podcasts, let alone forum, let alone my life. That was the reason for my “sigh,” nothing more.

    I’m sure it will be a success, so best wishes and keep up the excellent work, sir.

    • So you have written off something as being a waste with ZERO hands on experience with it. Okay that makes a lot of sense.

      Not everything I do by the way is for personal gain or TSP gain, the regenerative ag movement is important to me, the more I can do to help there the better.

  3. For what it’s worth, I hate facebook as well, and for more reasons than the political b.s.

    Good idea though and I’ll still check it out.

  4. Jack,

    I’m sorry and feel discouraged that we’re still disconnected on this. A few points before I let this all go:

    -1) I personally am very familiar with social media, marketing, etc (LinkedIn, Twitter, event promoters, plethora of others…) having actually set them up daily for entrepreneurial ventures. Thus, I’m very familiar with FaceBook as one of the highest leverage marketing platforms, although that particular one was delegated to others in the teams. Yes, it’s a valuable tool.
    -2) However, as opposed to a dedicated/isolated site (i.e. simple screwdriver) it’s an entire WORLD (the entire hardware store) and thus ends up being very easy for people to stray from the core content (such as your new group) and “waste” tons of other time “browsing the store”. ( -AND- I have NEVER heard someone tell me that Facebook has saved them time, and ONLY that it wastes their time. Thus, my renaming it “Wastebook,” not just here but everywhere I talk about it.
    -3) Moreover, I personally am not in a good place in life right now, and am focusing on prioritizing/minimizing wasted resources. I just can’t even begin to set-up/investigate/use the world of Facebook now (especially since it doesn’t even let me enter your site without actually setting up an acct “You must log in to continue”.)
    -4) and then all the other creepy data-mining and political BS they do on top of it…
    -5) and how I just couldn’t overlook the irony of your relinquishing content control to someone else’s nefarious virtual site..when the subject matter itself involves one’s own physical site being used for good (farm-, agri-, perma-)

    I simply couldn’t understand it in the least from what I picture as your angle in life, and was disappointed from my angle in life that it wasn’t going to work for me as a new resource. I hope you’re not under too much stress right now. I’m sorry we don’t seem to connect, NO ill intentions meant. In fact, I believe that ALL of your intentions in using Facebook (or ANYthing else) are of the highest, positive, synergistic, win-win…GOOD… goals. Clearly you are about rightful uplifting and empowerment of all, using wonderful methods. I am sad that you maybe misconstrued it in some personal attack, or that I (or anyone) would think otherwise. At this point, you are one of only a handful of people I have high-respect for in my life. So please forgive me.

    I’m posting this reply here in case maybe some of your other members are in the same camp as I, and also to encourage people to analyze how much time they really do waste on Facebook instead of doing productive things, like the movement you are setting up another tool to support. We all have so much work to do for the world that we need everyone that we can get to stay focused and effective. Hopefully your group is an additional success in that regard as an effective tool for everyone.

    • Short version you have your own problems and they don’t have a thing to do with my efforts here.

  5. Hey Jack, Just wanted to give a shout out for everything you do. I have been MSB for years. I wanted to encourage you to continue producing the great content you do. I have noticed even better episodes lately. Don’t even think twice about the haters that are too lazy to garden or do permaculture. We know a great way to survive in hard times is growing your own food! And it is such a better lifestyle.. than hunkering down in zombie apocalypse.. That is basically what I love about what you teach. Hope!!! True Freedom!! And a great, fun lifestyle!

  6. Wow I feel for you Jack, you can’t even start a harmless facebook group without catching flack. Facebook, flawed as it is, can still be a positive platform for information exchange, given its massive audience. I’m stoked about this new group and have already gotten more out of it in the last couple of days than the last month on that “other” group. Keep up the good work.

    • Heck if my skin was that thin I’d of washed out in this role a long time ago. The only reason I even respond is to point out the limited thinking that people are using here. A lack of understanding of a TOOL, that is what FB is, it is a tool, like a phone, or a computer, it is a soft platform.

      If there are people on FB that want to engage with me, and I can do it without a huge sacrifice of time, I do it.

  7. I joined the group. It’s awesome Jack and I really look forward to contributing . . . when I have something meaningful to contribute that is. Screw the haters ‘cuz, you know, haters gonna hate.

  8. My wife and I drive truck over the road. In about 4 years we hope to have found our final homestead spot and mostly paid for. One of the properties we are currently thinking about is 103 acres now with row crops and land borders a river. This page will help us bring back the way it should be and help us decide how to run our farmstead business.

  9. Group is off to a great start. Already picked up some useful tips shared by the members.