Join Me To Plant Trees At Nine Mile Farm on 12-12-15 — 14 Comments

  1. Where would I get 40 black locust trees now at a good price? Where did you get your trees, if you dont mind me asking? Is now a better time to plant black locust trees then spring when I can get them through the state tree program?

    Thanks and good luck with the trees.

    • I second the Cold Stream Farms reference. I’ve gotten waxmyrtle from them before, they were excellent quality. Keep in mind, these will be bear root trees (rooted 1 year live stakes most likely) similar to what you would get from a state tree program or the arbor day foundation.

      Locust is very good for live stakes (the simplest propagation method I know of).
      If you have 1 year old whips on an established tree, they can be cut in 3-4′ lengths and hammered 4/5 of the way into the ground right now (before winter). They will root during the winter, and leaf out in spring. From one large tree, you can get a hundred new trees very easily. Also, no digging is needed for planting, you just hammer them in.

      Success rates are usually around 50% with locust and maple. 70%+ with birch, aspen, willow, dogwood and mulberry. About 25% with walnut and chestnut.

      Article here explains it well.
      They use rebar to start the hole. It’s not necessary (unless you hit rocks).

  2. Good luck on the Robinia. Many outstanding qualities, but I have found them extremely invasive. Outstanding thorns.

  3. Thanks Jack for Hosting. All, I will be traveling to the site from Greenville, Tx via IH30, State183, IH820 and then to Nine Mile Farm. If you need a ride and you can arrange yourself along this route, I will be happy to slow my old pickup to 7 MPH so you can dive into the bed and have a ride. I plan on being at NMF by 9:30am, so please plan your pickup accordingly.

  4. Looking forward to it! I have 3 open seats myself, I’m coming from Farmers Branch/ North Dallas area and heading there via 121 to 820.

  5. Possibly coming from Austin up the i35 corridor, anyone want to ride with me?

    I’ll have 3 seats for sure, can probably swing 4 (super crew)..

  6. Crap, it’s 12/12… I’m a no-go (have plans, thought it was 12/13… need to learn to read through things better)

    • If it ain’t rainer you ain’t trainen!

      Seriously we just jumped from 40% to 80% so I just don’t know yet, I will wait till tomorrow to make the call.

      The big issues are

      1. We have severe weather forcasted

      2. If we get a lot of rain then we end up making a huge mess during the work and that sets things backward.

      My gut right now is I am going to have to cancel. I am waiting for a weather update tomorrow to see more about the timing because I already know what is going to happen.

      The weather guessers will be idiots and forecast Noah’s flood in the AM it will barely rain until 4-5 when everyone would be on the way home an I will inconvenience you guys and get no work done at the same time.

      However if I don’t cancel we will have driving rains first thing in the AM, everyone will be miserable, any work we try to do will make the land into a big mess, etc.

      Right now I am thinking about punting and pushing this till Sunday the 20th but I realize that may not work for everyone who wanted to come.

      Fricken cursed is what my events are, 0% rain for 10 days except the one day we scheduled this for. Moving to Sunday this week doesn’t work because if we get the rain forecasted it will be a big mess when we try to do the work.

      Sigh. Stay tuned.