Join Me for 2 Hours of Q&A on Hyper Inflation — 11 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to hear your take on this in detail. I really see the tip of the next wave coming fast now. All of the positive news is phony “gains” based on monetizing the debt. Still no new jobs so real organic growth can not exist in this climate.

  2. @dseelman, whine, whine, whine ;>) just kidding man but hey you might find you like it for other uses. This thing is really cool I think we should set up a TSP room there.

  3. Thanks so much for brokering the Q & A session, Jack. A TSP room would be great but from what I gather from the PalTalk site, a room is not free. Perhaps Participation could be positioned as a venue for MSB Members?

    It was a first try, probably a lot of pent up questions but in the future, maybe we (includes ME) can stay closer to the announced topic.

    I enjoyed the opportunity and the info and stayed aboard for the entire 2:10.

  4. Outstanding session Jack. Felt much like an enhanced version of a “Listener Feedback” show.

    The “live” interaction with the audience (even those without a PC microphone) added an aspect I sometimes miss listening to a pre-recorded podcast.

    I concur with the previous posts about setting up a TSP Room there; depending on costs, you could shoot for a live program maybe twice/month. Still gives us all the flexibility to listen to (and record!) podcasts as best fits our individual needs and schedules, yet still allows us to come together as a community once in a while.

    BTW… Skype has sharing & collaboration tools, including the ability to have everyone else see what’s on your screen. You could set up a topic-specific training/info session for MSB members which included Adobe documents, other web sites, and of course the infamous… PowerPoint! 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to educate us (and probably some new TSP listeners as of last night) about Hyper-inflation. Looking forward to more good info & perspective from you in the future, but please don’t forget to ask US what YOU might need. Your listener base covers ALL KINDS of professional and personal demographics.


  5. I will look into the PalTalk room set up, if cost is reasonable and people have an interest I will set up one and make it open to all.

  6. Great program. Liked it alot. Hung out after the show, you really piqued alot of interest from the fiancial half of the people got them talking and thinking. you will probably bring many into the fold.