Episode-1259- John Pierre on the 4 Pillars of Health — 10 Comments

  1. Haven’t listened to this episode yet, but I did catch his presentation at the Self Reliance Expo in Denver. Good stuff! I really agreed with his philosophy on health, with the exception of being pretty anti-fat in the diet.

  2. This was one of the best interviews yet. What an inspiring and uplifting person John Pierre is. His view that being a positive force in the world is the most important aspect of life and to ask yourself every night “what good have I contributed to the world” to me, is really what life is all about. Thanks for this one.

  3. Nice show…There’s a great book – blanking on the name now – about how the whole process of civilization can actually be seen as the result of Earth’s climate getting really mild (nice) and that it never emerged earlier, probably in large part, because the climate was too harsh then. Imagine what that means for the future as the climate most certainly WILL get gnarly again. Need uber resilient food systems, for one.

  4. I have read that two activities to pick-up in your 40s that are excellent for boosting cognitive development (or preserving it) are learning a new language or learning to play an instrument. Both activities force the brain to work above and beyond what it’s accustomed to.

  5. for the listener appreciation contest if you are already a subscriber it wont let you subscribe again-guess thats how its supposed to work?

  6. An excellent guest. I am so glad that I learned what John discussed about 15 years ago. I left my job years ago, because I was turning into the same poisonous person as the people that I worked with. I finally got into an organization where I earned a position that allowed me to surround myself with good and positive people. By being a good example and walking the walk I was able to help selfish people learn to be more selfless.

    Listening to this podcast was very refreshing like a cool breeze off of a beach by the ocean. It reminded me why I should never stop trying to learn.

  7. The show touched on a number of areas one of which is it seems hard to stay in shape and stress free in the modern world at a desk job as well as find meaning in the constant grind. When I used to get home on a Monday, I would just often conk out and crash. I believe work has values in many ways, but it’s this kind of thing that makes me more of a moderate than a die hard conservative in every sense.

    I have on my IPod Rober Gerzon’s audio book: “How to find serenity in the age of anxiety”

    One other thing, I may have heard Alzheimers could be cause in part by aluminum or heavy metals

  8. Folks interested in this topic should definitely read the book “Grain Brain” by neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter. It is chock full of science in a very readable presentation for how to protect and improve brain function. This is the best book I have ever read on this topic. It is incredible how the mainstream medical community is not only ruining our health concerning diabetes and heart disease with their food pyramid recommendations, but they are also destroying our brains simultaneously. Paula H.