Episode-1618- Joe Mooney on DIY for Fun, Prep, Homesteading and Profit — 39 Comments

  1. I think this was a great interview, I love hearing about average guy that listens to The Survival Podcast and what he’s doing with his life. I guess he’s not that average because he’s taking action with his life and not sitting around waiting for life to happen. Great interview Jack.

  2. Nice to hear how you work with the low water situation. That is a problem with the southwest. Like your youtube channel.

  3. Great episode. I’m also from Phoenix so I loved the gas shortage reference, I remember that well.

  4. Thanks Alan, Jake and Justin! It was great to be on Jack’s show and I’m glad you got something out of the rainwater stuff. It’s something I’m super passionate about and I have some more videos in the works about some of the projects I was talking about. Let me know if you have any questions!

  5. Great episode. It’s fun listening to a guest that just tries to figure out how to do things, and does it. And his YouTube episodes are good as well!

    • Thanks for listening Pete and for checking out some of my videos. Should have much more of my rainwater stuff coming up in the next few weeks too:)

  6. Fantastic episode today, enjoyed it thoroughly! What a great interview, it’s so nice to hear such an enthusiastic person making the most of everything. Love your show, listen to it everyday from Australia 🙂

  7. Great show I just subscribed to your channel Joe. Please don’t take offence at this but we Australian’s always have a laugh when we here our USA friends talk about rainwater. It is amazing how complicated you always make the systems, or that most people never even consider it. The idea of a settling tank is completely unheard of and appears to be a massive waste of time and resources. The idea of filtering rainwater is also totally alien to us as rainwater is considered to be such high quality already.
    We do use first flush systems to mimimise dirt and bird shit getting into our tanks but that is about it. It’s very simple, roof, gutter, downpipes, tank, outlet and pump if you don’t have gravity on your side.

    • Hey Evan, thanks for the sub and for the comment! In regard to your question about a settling tank. It’s actually not a ‘settling’ tank at all, just a part of my collection capacity. Its just that I don’t have it connected to my other tanks so that I only have to clean sediment out of one tank…easier on me:) I give a couple days to settle out, after a rain event, then transfer the water and the pump filter is just a screen to keep bugs out so they don’t go through my pump house. I think its actually much simpler and basic than a first flush as their are no working parts. Anyways, I’m not offended at all:) I appreciate your comment and what you Australians do that have helped others in the rainwater collection education:)

    • Thanks Erica! It was awesome to be on Jacks show! I hope a little bit good info came through amidst my ramblings…lol! Btw… I’ve been loving your expert council responses too!

      • Nah man, you’re too modest. I didn’t hear any ramblings – you sounded like a pro, with just the right combination of detail plus inspiration. Really enjoyed your interview and look forward to checking out your channel.

        • Well, I felt a bit rambly but I do appreciate the nice words for sure! Hope you like some of the vids and I just subbed your mailing list… and my wifes on your site as I’m typing this too:)

  8. Man yet another awesome interview! Thanks for coming on Joe – just sub’d on youtube looking forward to watching your videos anybody with a just get it done attitude is alright in my book!

    • Thanks Zack! I saw your sub come through, thanks… hard to miss a name like rabid turkey farms:) Hopefully you find some of the vids interesting and there should be more coming out soon with relation to what I was talking about on the show!

  9. Great show fellows! Just subscribed and will be checking out your channel this evening Joe!

    Another reason I have found to hire stuff out is so you can spend more time doing what you really like. As someone who does a lot of DYI projects around the house, it’s hard to bring someone else in. But right now I am paying a guy to clean up my flower beds and do other odd and end jobs so on the weekends I can spend more time with my kids and work with my fruit trees!

    • Thanks RonBoots! You’re right about hiring stuff out… you gotta focus on the priorities and in my book family is always a priority!

  10. Great show I’m looking forward to seeing your you tube vid’s. I live in Chandler, AZ and have been wanting to get into rainwater harvesting for my garden and trees.

    • Hey Drawthow! Glad you liked the podcast… I was super excited to be on and had a great time talking to Jack:) I should have some more vids on rainwater harvesting coming up this month as we are in the midst of monsoons and it’s the perfect time to do so;) Anyways, hope you get some value out of the channel and I hope to keep improving with each new video:)

  11. Mighty Joe Mooney..
    Great Job man
    (I love the the hives. Build them out of what ever you have just bee that awesome keep)

    BAD ASS ROBO 55 Gallon Drum Hives man with the chicken coops under them>>>> SWEEET .
    Keep up the good work man. I want to see the mead making video next. love the shows, keep them coming!

    • Thanks Michael! That means a lot coming from you! Just trying to learn a little bit each day and I’ll definitely be doing mead with some of the honey. I have a couple videos on making prickly pear mead last year and am super excited to do it again this year with my own honey… or maybe a blend of mine and some other honey… not wanting to rob too much from my little girls;)
      Thanks for the good words Michael and I’ve loved listening to your awesome answers on the expert council! they’ve been of special interest to me since I got into bees!

  12. Great interview. Love your video of the picture shelf with the hidden compartment.

    • Thanks NotoriusAPP! It’s a project that all my family and friends love to check out when they come over. Looking to do a similar but slightly different pallet project when I get some more of the nice and straight pallet pieces! Thanks for listening to Jacks show and for watching the vids:)

  13. This was one of the best interviews I think I’ve ever heard on TSP. I actually find interviews with the “regular” people like Joe Mooney who are getting shit done and kicking DIY ass more valuable than some of the more well-known guests. I just found a new YouTube site I’m going to have to begin checking out. Thanks!

    • Thanks Chris! It was an honor to be on Jack’s show and to be able to discuss some of the things I’m passionate about! Been a TSP listener since probably the 20-30 episode range and love all of the great information and inspirations that comes out of TSP. Thanks for listening to Jack’s show and for checking out some of my vids:)

  14. Great interview guys. I wanted to chime in on a particular part of the interview mentioning Craigslist exchanges.

    There are quite a few police departments opening up areas of their parking lots, where for years they have already been telling feuding parents to exchange their children for each others safety, to now also including these online purchases as well now. I always did my exchanges there anyhow, regardless of the “zone” actually being painted on the ground, covering several parking spaces. Its just an easy to find and generally safe place to meet unknown people and crooks usually won’t show up and do something stupid at a PD.

    Here are just a couple of links to some stories about them.

    • Hey Gary, thats awesome info! I knew that PD’s did that for child custody matters but not for private exchanges or goods or services. Thanks for the links, gonna go check them out now:)


  15. Hey Joe, I’ve recently started a youtube channel called Midwest Homestead Solutions. I’ve put out a few short clips so far, but have a few videos in the works. Do you use free video editing software or what to you prefer for entry level editing?

    • If you have a Mac, iMovie is pretty good.

      There’s also a channel on Youtube geared towards helping people produce youtube content. They have a whole series of recommendations for gear and software.

      • Thanks Karim! you just jogged my memory in regard to all the great stuff that can be found on YT itself!
        Cooper, a couple of the channels that I’ve recently checked out in regard to youtube video stuff are… Derral Eves, Tim Schmoyer(video creators), The frugal movie maker, and a whole host of youtube creators that have vids on software, cameras, lighting, camera accessories, mics, etc,….. I’m still using just the most basic setup but I’d love to upgrade one of these days:) But the biggest thing to remember is… CONTENT is king… there are people who record with their phones and have huge followings because they just give great content. Anyways, hope that helps:)


    • Hey Cooper,

      I’ll definitely have to check out your channel! Regarding video editing, I’d recommend just using what you have that is cheapest. Most computers will come with some kind of video editing software. I currently use a 2011 version of imovie that was free on our computer when we bought it several years ago. It’s not perfect but does a generally fine job overall. The equivalent program on windows, is MovieMaker, I think. Anyways, I’d just use whatever is on your computer or cheapest to start with. I hope that helps Cooper and let me know if you have any other questions:)


  16. Hey Joe,
    I was talking about harvesting pallets with a friend and he of course brought up the termite subject. What are your thoughts regarding this concern?

    • Hey John,

      I don’t think termites are more of an issue in regard to pallet wood versus standard lumber. As long as you take the same precautions regarding ground contact, moisture, sealing, etc,…. I think you’ll be fine:) Infestation could be another issue… but I personally have never seen a termite infested pallet down here in the desert. I hope that addressed your question… but if it did not please let me know:) Also, what specifically was his concern regarding the termites?
      Talk to you later,

      • I am tired of people worried about termites. The truth is they are everywhere, period, the end, over and out.

        They like wet wood and sheltered spaces. If you harvest pallet wood it is no different then cutting down trees. Wood is wood is wood.

      • I thought I replied to this, must have not hit the send button.
        Yeah, my buddies an old construction worker and he seemed pretty adamant that you’re asking for termite trouble when you are messing with pallets. I was a bit skeptical because I’ve heard similar old wives tales from him and he’s kind of an old chromogen.

        • Really think of how stupid this line of thinking is. Pallets are wood, no different than ANY OTHER WOOD.

  17. Is there any concern with the concrete reacting with the culvert (as in corroding where they are in contact with each other)?

    This looks like an awesome project by the way!

    • Hey Art… sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Regarding the culvert cistern and corrosion… there certainly will be a small bit of corrosion, but not much at all. Here in Tucson there are culvert cisterns that were put in in the 80’s and are still holding up well. Mine is coated with liquid rubber sealant on the interior so there isn’t really all that much moisture getting into the slab either(except during rains of course:).
      Additionally, a lot of the super large above grade water retention reservoirs that are used by water companies are steel on a concrete slab with concrete poured in the inside to create a seal.
      Anyways, hope that helps Art:)