Jan Cline Oppressed by the City of Salem Please Help Out — 151 Comments

  1. I was moved by your piece on Jan. I donated $10. God bless Jan. May she find peace and comfort. God bless Jack for calling average Americans to her defense.

    I work in government. I am a prosecutor. Dad gummit we elect public officials and vest them with the power of the People and expect them to utilize discretion, wisdom and judgment so that the law is not held in lower esteem by rigidly applying it in a manner that is unfair and cruel.

    These public officials should be thrown out of office because when they fail to exercise good judgment they take well meaning laws and use them against the people in a manner that empowers a police state rather than protecting the common good.

  2. Have her switch to a donation based “sale” if she’s not charging anything but acception only donations for her items, it would not be a yard “sale.”

    • at this point it only matters for the principle of the thing. With the amount of online donations she is getting I’m thinking it’s not the best use of her time to sell things for $100 a week at a yard sale

    • @Amy, thanks for letting us know about Jan’s passing, I am happy that the TSP community was able to help her in her final months.