Jam Packed Workshop with Darby Simpson in June — 3 Comments

  1. I just came off a course for Data Warehousing that must have cost about $1500 per person. I would much rather have done this. Even at the exchange rate, as I was reading this, I thought, hey I’d pay 1,500 for this.. Then I saw the price.

    • Brent, you are welcome to pay $1500 and bring three buddies with you! We tried to pack a lot of value into this for $375. I have another gentlemen from NS thinking about coming, would love to have you join us as well. Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. Thanks for the invite Darby, don’t think I can make it. Kudos to you for doing this. I hopped over to Youtube after and watched a bunch of Salatin videos.
    Last year my neighbor and I raised two Berkshires (He has the infastructure) . The tough part was getting them loaded into the truck in the fall. Finally a local farmer came by with a five gallon bucket; placed it over the pigs head and walked it backwards up the ramp into the trailer. So simple, yet effective.