Episode-2365- Jacob Cohen on CBD Oil and the Endocannabinoid System — 10 Comments

  1. Hey Jack, I think the reason we can get the Thai Chilies so cheap is because of the Asian Pacific Postal Union, headquartered in Thailand. It gives certain postal privileges to the member countries…

    Just an interesting fact… 🙂

  2. Thanks for the CBD interview with Jacob, I have been wanting more info on this subject from a more reliable source.

  3. Thanks Jack for this episode.
    I, too have been looking for “creditable” information on CBD. Unfortunately, due to federal law, every university that’s attempted to conduct studies has been met with government roadblocks, so I’m glad you have our neighbors to the north to get a quality interview from.

    For myself personally, it was a topic I’ve been trying to research, and though I didn’t get all the answers I want, at least I now know someone is out there trying to get them.

    And by the way, Box Car Willie was one of my granddad’s favorites.

    All around great show.


  4. Great interview, and timely.

    I’m glad that Jacob highlighted the maximal efficacy of CBD with low levels of thc.  Current research suggests an ideal efficacy threshold of about a 20:1 ratio of CBD to thc, which is unfortunately more thc than is normally found in most CBD products.

    CBD can be used to negate the effects of thc.  In California they market CBD vape pens to meliorate thc overdose.

    The CBD market is currently a little bit, “wild wild west.”  Keep in mind most CBD products are derived from industrial hemp (no thc) and like many industrial crops, are mono-cropped and might be harvested using industrial farming methods such as the use of pesticides, fungicides, and/or herbicides.

    Also, there’s newer research around using the plant’s roots to treat skin ailments as well.

    On CBD and alcohol… didn’t our own MJ do a short piece on CBD infused Mead??

    • Yea MJ did doesn’t really mean that it should or should not be done though.

      On the commercial farming, while I agree it is minimal though. Hemp doesn’t need much in pest protection or fertilizer, etc. It grows so fast it doesn’t really need herbicide and no GMO hemp that is round up ready, etc. exists, yet anyway.

  5. Enjoyed show. A YouTube channel and site has a video on the same subject. The channel is called.   “Terry Talks Nutrition”.

    Also Alex Jones (one of Jacks favorite people) has a brand of CBD for sale through his site, ironically called         “Washington’s Reserve”. I have not tryed it but I am thinking about it, or smoking a joint….


  6. Check your link for Follow Jack with Instagram- it goes to an article on the single payer health thingie instead of Instagram

  7. Awesome interview, that coupled with episode 2365 has me wondering. Would a topical for pain interact with antipsychotics for anxiety? My wife suffers from anxiety and finally has her meds under control but still has a ton of physical pain from a car accident years ago. Maybe a good follow up question for another interview.

  8. The owner of Hemp Magik is coming on next month, I will ask her. Also have them ready to do a 20% discount for MSB.