Jacks Rants – Episode 2 – Our Educational System is Run by Morons — 15 Comments

  1. nice rant Jack… (PS – you should look at the camera, not the teleprompter) just ribbin’ ya. 🙂

    • No you are right, I do need to look into the camera though I have no teleprompter.

  2. It seems that all of our “systems” are run by morons that use their brains for processing data from a rule book rather than process thoughts.

  3. jack.

    second article link is the poptart one again not the deaf child. Otherwise spot on.

    Remember in the modern education system imagination is a dangerous thing that must be contained and shaped

  4. Another rant I’d like to hear from you is on homeowners associations. A buddy of mine was looking into buying a house in a certain neighborhood and I ask him if it had a homeowners association. He said he didn’t know. I said you better find out and read the bylaws. The shit he wasn’t allowed to do blew him away. Can’t put up a green house, can’t have a veg. garden, can’t have fruit bearing trees. Fruit is garbage I guess.
    He’s looking elsewhere.

  5. I like the rants. I was hoping more stats like 50% dropout rate, 60% of kids only read at a 3rd grade level etc…. To me this should have been failed zero tolerance 🙂 Then again I don’t know why I care because I know all these sad things already, just makes me angrier. Maybe we need a Jack’s solutions to follow the rant, that would be more uplifting 🙂 Like this is how its going to get fixed such as the online education where you give more details. I like your podcasts because you give solutions but the rants are entertaining too.

  6. my youngest has been homeschooling since kindergarten, she is 10th grade right now. None of the oneline stuff (or worksheets ), easier to learn hands on or from books. Especially when they are young, lots of fun.

    Please just keep them home and teach them yourself thru 3rd grade at a minimum, give them a good start. Doesnt take very much time a day for the skills at this age. They can be part of your family business or what have you and you can teach them the language skills and math in a few hours a day before or after.

    junior high, 7th and 8th is a great time to absolutely not be in school either, at least around here. They dont cover much, their hormones are changing too much for them to pay attention, and they are usually not realy prepared for the amount of bad infuences from other kids.

    • If there is a bigger “useful idiot” in the lame stream media then this mousey moron, I have yet to find them.

  7. After listening to your last show, I’d like you to continue with the Organic Carrot rant. I just finished reading Omnivores Dilemma last month and Micheal Pollen talks quite about about industrial organic.

  8. Love this concept , it plays to your strength. There will never be a shortage of topics for your rants. Very entertaining and informative. Keep doing it.

  9. I’m Computer guy for a school system. Ever since I’ve started working for a school system my respect for teachers has fallen off the cliff. For the most part were I work they are cry babies. Seems their motto is “at first you don’t succeed, cry cry again”. They have a since on intitlement that drives me crazy. And to get a huge raise you only have to get anouther duhgree