It’s Official TSP Wins Podcast of the Year Award — 60 Comments

  1. I’m glad the whole world of podcast-dom now knows what we have already known!

    Well deserved honor, Jack.

  2. Although I think you need to get in the Jetta diesel every couple of weeks to let people know the evolution of the show.

  3. WAY TO GO, JACK! I hope that this success gets some mega-heavy traffic headed your way and helps to wake up a few more Sheeple(s).

  4. Whooo hooo!!

    Congratulations Jack! I am very proud to be associated with this
    top notch resource you produce!!!

    All the best,

  5. Congrats Jack!!! Glad to be a part of the TSP community! I hope all the hard work you put in feels a little more validated now. 🙂 Take care!

  6. Atta boy, Jack! Well-deserved, brother. Hope this brings lots of good things your way. Thanks for mentoring all of us, and for taking us along on this cool journey into “a better life if things get tough, or even if they don’t!!!”

  7. Congratulations Jack. That so many people took the time to cast their votes your way should give you an inkling of how much you mean to all of us.

    Let’s hope this leads a lot of new listeners your way so the word gets spread even farther into the flock.

  8. Wow! It seems like it was just yesterday you had 200 listeners and were yelling at jerk drivers. How far TSP has come!

  9. HOORAY! Congratulations Jack, and all TSPers who through their participation help make The Survival Podcast great!

  10. Great job Jack and voters! Seems hard work and a good message are still work recognizing. Happy to be on board with the TSP community.

  11. CONGRATS!! Well deserved! And jack – I want to say THANK YOU, as you have been a positive & important influence upon me this past year. And I am spreading the word among other ‘lefties’ here in New York.. You have brought me back to my roots!

  12. Congratulations, Jack!
    When/if the SHTF where I live and I can no longer listen to your podcast, I will have so many good memories of you and all the community I’m sure that will keep me going for years…
    Thank you, Jack.

  13. Congrats!!!! Glad we could all help, but you earned it for all your hard work and the great show and service you put out.

  14. Outstanding!

    Congratulations Jacks.

    Hard work, focus, and an almost evangelical zest for delivering what folks need to know always pays off.

    We appreciate the hard work you put into every show and the nothing short of outstanding interviews you’ve been doing.

    Keep up the Good work.

    We’re looking forward to the next several thousand episodes.

    Merry Christmas and a Great New Year to you and all of TSP!

  15. YES!!! As I’m sure all your listeners feel, it is a small victory for us; our big victory is showing the world what an amazing thing you are doing. Keep up the awesome work!!

  16. Merry Christmas,

    Now how is that for a little gift from all of us to you Jack!
    We really appreciate the work you do and also your family who are supportive of the help you give us.

    Merry Christmas


  17. Outstanding!

    Well done Jack! This is SO well deserved!

    Keep up the great work. Merry Christmas.


  18. Well deserved, for all of your hard work and determination in bringing this message to the PodSphere.

    Have a great Christmas, and I hope the plans and packing for your move goes well.


  19. Merry Christmas Jack. How’s Podcast of the year for a Thunderous your not alone! Congratulations brother, and job well done!

  20. Congrats Jack! I listen all the time, and have learned tons and am grateful for you. Bought alot of stuff, all kinds of solar stuff. I am not so successfull at getting my sheeple type friends to start listening to podcasts. It is just a shame when someone is missing out on your important info. They say they are too busy to listen, and I just shake my head and say “you don’t know”. Thank you for doing this great service for mankind. Hats off to you Jack! Keep up the great work. Brings tears to my eyes.

  21. Congrats! You put in the work and effort and it has paid off. You have a great product-keep up the good work.