Episode-303- It is The Systems not The System — 10 Comments

  1. Jack, love the show. Especially when you cover insightful topics like this, and include the practical things one can do as a result.

  2. You keep coming up with good shows Jack , thanks.
    Although our son does not use a calculator for math I didn’t even think when I put a 22 into his hands at 13 because all my guns are scoped. I definately have to go back to square one on this one !

  3. I learned on iron sights with my 30/30 & shot a deer below the eye at 300 yards…YES I DID!!!
    I’m trying to learn to use a scope for this year…I’m sure I won’t do as well & will go back to what I was taught the 1st time…life is good!

  4. I learned how to shoot with the same .22 my grandfather had when he was a boy. Peep sights and a single shot bolt FTW! My child will get that rifle one day.

  5. Foxy Huntress:
    I have a set of XS sights on my marlin 1895, and love them! If you do go back to irons then take a look at those.

  6. @Jarrod

    Well not until he can hit cans at say 15 yards consistantly with the iron first, ;>)

  7. Your comments on the gangs hits home with me. In my area, which admittedly is relativly small (30,000 in county seat, less than 50,000 in the whole county), gangs are a big problem. We are a few hours south of Chicago, and the gangs you listed are actually in my area. There are also several regional gangs as well. It is a very structured group of people. Most people don’t realize that, I am glad to hear you talk about it and inform others about it. Gangs give a whole new level of problems when discussing riots or a breakdown of society. And of these gangs, only a couple are motorcycle gangs. 😉