Episode-2795- The Mass Hysteria Has Only Just Begun — 12 Comments

  1. The most painful thing I’ve realized in the last couple of years is what you were saying about the impossibility of convincing most people to break the programming. I had a phone conversation with my own brother a couple of days ago where the topic of a political movement that’s come to prominence this year came up. He was repeating lines he’d heard on the TV, and I tried to tell him about some economic factors that he hadn’t considered, citing a book I suggested he read.

    He literally shouted at me to stop talking because “we’re never going to agree”, and then hung up.

    That’s what we’re up against – hundreds of millions of human cattle who will NEVER question ANYTHING they are told by the establishment media. That’s forced me to accept that there is nothing I, or anyone else can do to stop what’s coming, because most people WANT to be told what to say, and fear anyone who doesn’t want to be told what to say.

    It’s a painful thought that I just have to accept that most people are NEVER going to wake up. And that all we can do is try to insulate ourselves from it.

    • I remember a conversation with my bro-in-law cop it was all going well until I explained how commerce was being done in Argentina by cutting a set number of lengths off a gold chain because the currency had failed and capital controls were being put in place. This was just as BTC was becoming easy to acquire and use. He shut off like a light because that meant his retirement was not safe.

      I also had a far earlier conversation with him where I said, “you want to protect that retirement, go all cash NOW, right NOW, a market meltdown is on the way”. He threw up his hands and literally ran away.

      That one was Christmas of 2007 about six months before I started TSPC. We all know what happened next and it only surprised those who refused to look at reality until reality kicked them in the fuckin balls.

  2. This is perhaps the most brutal lesson of all for a prepper to understand. But eventually the pain goes away. However, the scab (of mob ignorance) will always remain. A warning to scratch carefully and don’t pick at it too hard! Because otherwise you might bleed…

    Interesting concept of the induction of the psycho-electronics of the hive mind on both shows. I’m only now starting to see that phenomena in myself. Thanks for the heads up! ; hatip and :nod:

    I look forward to hearing the results of your meditation on chapter 14.


    • ” A warning to scratch carefully and don’t pick at it too hard! Because otherwise you might bleed…”

      Notice – Comrade your metaphor has been seized and now shall be redistributed.

  3. Interesting you should mention the technology to track people with their phone.

    It’s already being done. If work security for a mall and the mall has a system in front of every door that registers the cell number of every person that goes through the door.

    This is not new tech. The mall uses it for statistics on how busy the mall is. However a year ago it was actually used to find out who broke into the mall after hours and arrest them.

  4. This is like what it says in revelations in the bible where it says that the beast will fight against the saints and defeat them. What it means to me is that the propaganda, disinfo, and buy in of many of the professional classes is so extensive that arguing with it is often nearly impossible.

    I find that disturbing. It would take hours to go through all the evidence which is just too much for most people to deal with.

    I don’t agree with the negative political stuff because even if it seems difficult, I would not discourage others from fighting even if I myself may not do alot other than analysis and keyboard warrior stuff. Every effort matters and it matters even if you lose because fighting at times is still meaningful and there is a lot of difference between trump and biden.

  5. Not trying to convince people of anything also seems to mean not trying to convince relatives and family that taking the covid vaccine is a bad idea. I feel a bit conflicted on that one

    • Do you really think they are going to listen to you anyway? Do you really?

      You know the old adage about wrestling with pigs right?

  6. Jack,

    I’ve listened to you for years. I’m always interested in your point of view on a subject because it’s well thought and like getting advice from an older brother.

    You are also wise and experienced enough to know that a true warrior of change never stops having conversations and has the patience and stamina to engage counter views in a well thought out principled manner. I hope you change your mind about giving up on having conversations with a large percentage of the population. Obviously, engaging smartly is important but, you can’t hide from your fellow man. This is the age where ideas win the future. More than ever, we need to engage with our fellow man otherwise tyranny will come for us all.

      • The people that created this army of idiots call it social distancing, I call it strategic relocation and I assure you it can indeed be done.

    • I have been doing what I do for almost a decade and a half and I have not changed the mind of a single person of the type I am talking about NOT ONE. If you think you can try to get through to these people “smartly” you are in the bargaining stage of the 5 stages of grief. Good luck but you may as well just stick your dick in bee hive and beat on the roof.