Issue with Judson ISD in Converse Texas and Two Little Girls — 24 Comments

  1. The girls shirts violated the dress code because they were not solid polo shirt or authorized t-shirts (school or college Tees-only). This is per the school regulations I could find online. The school forbids ANY other t-shirt.

    This is story is being made a military issue by the press and is another example of how the media gets us to fight amongst ourselves (remember Jack’s Podcast on Dichotomy) over trivial or non-issues.

    1st – We should support, enforce and abide by ALL school rules in the face of our children – if you tell your kids they don’t have to listen to administrators and teachers, you are doing your child a disservice. Elementary schoolers lack the experience to chose what rules to follow and what ones (like this one) is BS – young kids need routine and structure.

    2nd – If you have a problem with you school dress code – address it with administration and get it changed.

    3rd – Parents at that school should get solid wounded warrior polo shirts that meet the school dress code, pick a day and send every child to that school in the shirts.

    Jack’s podcast on Dichotomy has changed the way I look at everything. I look at the “issues” and realize that it is all smoke to keep us occupied and distracted from the real issue – our nation is tanking.

  2. yeah, I caught myself reading this thing and getting P.O.’d… then I started reading the comments and someone there defending the school started making sense to me. Suddenly I stopped and reread the article and realized I was being conned. I had to stop and remind myself “IT IS ALL B.S., UNTIL MY GUT AND MY HEAD AGREE THAT IT IS NOT B.S.”

  3. When did common since stoped being used.
    I bet that is they wore a Mexican Flag, nothing would have been said. This is America, if you are proude enought to wear the American Flag, you sould be allowed to.

  4. Any chance that you’ll read and consider what I write next time instead of seeing my name and instantly disregard everything I say and publically harass me for being a filthy socialist?

    • @Joachim, you are still a socialist but even they can be right from time to time about some things. It is still wrong of the school but harassing the staff isn’t right course of action here.

      • According to your definition 98% of the world are socialists, so I’m not offended by that 😉

        I’m just hoping we can keep it civil in the future, despite any (real or imagined) political differences. Those shouldn’t matter unless we’re actually discussing politics, and even then I think we should be able to discuss it without resorting to personal attacks. I’ve been listening to your show since some time in 2008 (check your access logs for visits from Norway if you want to), I’ve listened to most of your shows, and I really appreciate what you do. Thank you!

        • @Joachim, no according to my definition 98% of governments are socialist, most people are simply the victims of said socialism. My definition DOES not claim all tax and use of tax by government to be socialist. Income tax though most certainly is, a graduated tax most certainly is. Given they are ONE of the TWELVE planks of the communist manifesto arguing that it isn’t really would be completely pointless wouldn’t it?

          I appreciate your long time listening but you have repeatedly pitched the “Noriega model of socialism” or some such shit to me and that dog will not hunt. I am completely and totally opposed to any additional growth of socialism in my nation. My nation wasn’t socialist always, it sure is now and I don’t like it.

          So if you want civility skip the shit about how I need a nuanced view of socialism, etc.

          I fear that soon the entire world is going to find out just how foolish allowing the state to control our lives and our wealth really is. Think about Greece and Argentina being Europe and North America, that is a dark picture. No I don’t need to be more open minded about government control, you could do with being a little more closed minded about it in my view.

      • (Not sure why I can’t reply to your comment below. I’ll just do it here.)

        The only thing I was trying to say in our previous exchange was that I thought your definition of socialism is unproductively broad for the sake of discussion. You have to realize that in a global context, your viewpoint as a minarchist is quite extreme. What Europeans call socialism is quite different from what you call socialism. I didn’t take that into account, so I was confused. I was just trying to understand your definition.

        I’ve never tried to push socialism on you or your nation, and I’m sorry that you feel that way. Where you get this Norwegian bullshit from I have no idea.

        Can we please stop talking about socialism now?

        I’m off to bed, peace out.

        • @Joachim, if you want to stop, stop that is fine. I am bored with it but you keep saying shit like,

          “Europeans call socialism is quite different from what you call socialism.”

          Well horse shit on that! Socialism is socialism no matter what you call it, a turd is a turd even if it is called a strawberry ice cream cone. So just so I am sure you fully understand my view of socialism wholly since that is what you said you wanted to know. Socialism is when a persons wealth is stolen via taxation on what they earn or possess at the point of a gun (don’t pay and see if that is an exaggeration) and redistributed to others.

          If that is radical fine, puts me right up there with other radicals like Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Jackson.

      • Why does it sound like you’re taking all this personally?

        The only thing I’m trying to make you understand is that there are different kinds of socialism. It’s a sliding scale. Here’s an exerpt of Einstein’s definition of socialism, for example:

        “In such an economy, the means of production are owned by society itself and are utilized in a planned fashion. A planned economy, which adjusts production to the needs of the community, would distribute the work to be done among all those able to work and would guarantee a livelihood to every man, woman, and child.”

        Means of production owned by society; planned economy. Those are two key features of what Europeans (and most other people) calls socialism. I’m not saying this to make it look like you’re wrong, I’m just saying it so you understand that other people have different views than you do. It’s just information; don’t be offended, please.

        I understand that your definition is different. That’s perfectly fine.

        Now, I’ll leave it at that. I started this thread to hopefully make it easier for us to communicate without conflict in the future, but I realize I’ve probably failed at that. I want you to please keep in mind that I’ve only brought up the topic of socialism once (after a show where you mentioned it), the other times you’ve brought it up because you seem to think my definition of it somehow invalidates every other opinion I have. I think it’s a shame that you can’t accept the fact that people will disagree with you on some things and simply move on without trying to publically ridicule me. And you have the nerve to call me brain washed?

        It’s a damn joke.

        • @Joachim, and you keep bringing it back up. If you make statements like this one,

          “The only thing I’m trying to make you understand is that there are different kinds of socialism. It’s a sliding scale.”

          I am going to respond with yes it is and it always slides toward loss of freedom, loss of wealth, loss of liberty and oppression. I am not taking you personally but as my nation which was once the most free ever known to man is now mired in the filth of socialist idiocy I take socialism as a whole very personally.

          Stop trying to explain why socialism is okay or not so bad or what the hell ever if you want me to stop saying I find it to be theft at the point of a government gun. You might think my view is radical, yet in my nation no quite so much. If you want socialism in Europe fine, go nuts but spare me the explanation of why it is good in any way shape or form.

          A little socialism is like a little wild fire, you either extinguish it very quickly or it rapidly destroys all freedoms.

          If you take my opposition to an political and economic policy personally that is your issue not mine.

      • Actually, you keep bringing it up. It seems I can’t comment on anything without you having to remind everyone that I’m a damn socialist so everything I say should be disregarded. That’s what happened the other day, and that’s what I have a problem with. It’s extremely disrespectful.

        • @Joachim, the other day one time yes, fine sorry but that is that. Read the last damn statement I responded to and TELL me I keep bringing it up, it again was,

          “The only thing I’m trying to make you understand is that there are different kinds of socialism. It’s a sliding scale.”


          1. You brought it up again when I said I would drop it if you would

          2. You stated, “The only thing I’m trying to MAKE you understand”

          So you are in your last post trying to make me understand socialism? Then I tell you I do, I don’t like it, I won’t stand for it and if you want it dropped drop it on your end. You then come back and whine. Seems like what you want is the last word on socialism on my site? Not going to happen. If you want to drop it do so, if you want me to NOT bring it up in the future don’t bring it up. It isn’t you dude, anyone saying the same shit will get the same response.

      • Fine. Hopefully you won’t attack me like a rabid teenager the next time I’m trying to be constructive.

        Have a nice day, Jack.

  5. Socialism is alive and well in the US. And even the people benifitting from it dont relize it destroys their life.They dont see how it controlls their life.
    1. Im a nurse and make $80,000. a year. Feds took almost $20,000.The state $7000.That leaves me with about $43000. Out of that I have to pay union dues,health ins,medacare, Social Security taxes before I get any of my money.
    My daughter makes $40,000 a year and gets all her fed and state taxes back AND almost $4000 more! Yep the goverment gives her more then she pays in.And she gets medicaid as her health ins is too expensive at her job.She has more expendable income then I have.And she refuses overtime as it would reduce her being able to get medicaid.Dont get me wrong ,I love my daughter and Im glad she gets help but If I had MY money I would be happy to help her and I see the control the goverment puts on her and the fear she lives under if she makes a few dollars more then they want her to.She also gets “benefits”to help with rent and heating fuel.
    2.My other daughter has a disabled child that gets social security disability.Her husband works but she cant as she would lose his ss and she has to take that in to consideration when figuring out the cost of working.Isnt ss supose to help for retirement or lost wages?My grandson is 13 there are no lost wages.And hes in school all day so there is no real increase in his monatary needs like special care or equpment.I know sometimes there are and then ss makes since.And when hes an adult he will need help.But hes been getting ss since he was three! He’s autistic and every child of a certain family income with autisum can get ss.
    3.I have a good friend who has 3 children in school.One has a learning disability,hes in school and is doing well but because of that she can gets welfair ops “benifits”She gets a cash grant,$900 amonth for rent,500 or so in food stamps,heating asstance and medicaid.She cant afford to work! AND when her 16 year old son wanted to get a job he couldnt as it would cause her benifits to drop.The goverment is keeping her right where they want her and are sharing my wealth and others to keep her there.
    I could go on and on,But this is socialism in the US. They take my taxes, give it to others to share the wealth.They make these people dependent on the goverment tit and afraid to try to get off it.It teaches their children to be dependent and afraid to try to do better.And where will all these people be when tshtf ?

    • It’s so sad that so many cannot see the dependence they have on the government. I was blind to it for so long. My husband and I have a son with another baby on the way. Our son is 1 and we have started to talk about school. I never thought I could or would home school until I started listening to this show and seeing the apathy that is fostered in the public school system. I was all set and ready to “unschool” our kids while still sending them to public school but my husband brought up a good point. How will the teachers/administration react if/when our son tells them they are wrong about the revisionist history they are teaching? Now I am leaning more and more toward homeschooling or finding some sort of a home school co-op to participate in.

      • Melissa:
        This is one of the most vital issues in your family’s life, your choice of the education of your child (and the one on the way). My husband and I homeschooled our children from 1995-2000; and for the last thirteen years have produced audio CDs for our local homeschooling convention. Our son and his wife are teaching their eldest daughter. I pray every night for her (and her siblings’) safety and know beyond the benefit of the doubt that homeschooling will be part of this protection.

      • Yep, they are responsible for our cheap inexpensive food that we eat every day unless you are the select few that actually still grow, and produce everything you eat.

        They are also responsible for all that cheap oil we seem to HAVE to have as well. Subsides also pad the pockets of the oil tycoons, but hey they give us cheaper fuel than anywhere else is this great earth of ours.

        Home schooling is great I totally agree with that, how dare someone create books and teach us to believe that its the truth…… Oops gonna get in trouble for that one……. But still homeschooling is the way to go these days could not agree more.

    • Wow, who does your taxes that you end up paying in $20,000 and the Fed keeps all of that? Or is your tax situation a bit different than standard taxes, (ie own a home, land or something like that), cause I make about that too and no where near paid that much in taxes this year as per my pay stubs. And I didn’t have to pay in much at all……

      Sounds like you need to have a huge talk with your family if they are all living off the system, HELP them get off the system since they most likely don’t need it.

      Start complaining to all the families that get back TONS of money every year just cause they have kids………

      Start complaining to all the college students, (once they get a job and can start paying back their loans(which are not Bankruptable anymore thank god) they can take as well a CREDIT and get money back every year form the Fed.)

      Its so funny that we only choose to moan and groan about the welfare portion……. Do you know the reason we have high healthcare costs in this country? Do you know why we have cheap drugs at the pharmacy even when not using your Medical Insurance?

      Medicare 1.45% of your taxable income.
      Social Security 6.2% and caps out at $100,100.00 of income. (If you make more than $100,100 you dont pay SS tax on it)

      The tax rate you pay is not what your Effective Tax rate really is. Which most people don’t even know what that is in the first place without looking it up.

      How many claim deductions? The tax code needs to be rewritten but who is going to do that? Washington, LOL? Yeah everyone that is in office all make well over $250,000 a year so you can bet, we lower than that income bracket get helped out right?

      Oh well no one every really pays attention to history anyway. Its all coming back around. Every great empire has fallen after a few hundred years, and trust me it was not taxes that made them fall, it was the ones at the top making wrong decisions that they say are right for us all. All sides included are wrong, if we look at history……….. Go back and really pay attention to it throughout long standing countries and empires.

      Lots of countries still exist today as they did years and years ago (single government), not many of the two system governments left…..

    • @Roham it would not comply they only allow solids or stripes for those. The solution is the parents of the kids in the district standing up and being heard.

  6. 23 years ago when I was 19 I escaped from Socialist as it was called Poland. I escaped with couple bags of clothes and $150 in my pocket because I hated lack of freedoms socialist system provides. Went to Greece then couple of years later immigrated to Canada and eventually made my way to the US. In 1991 when I came to visit US for the first time it was what I always imagined it to be and I loved it. Today looking at it from the prospective of time and changes that have been slowly creeping into its system I fear that in the near future I will wake up and find myself back in the same system I have sacrificed so much to leave behind 23 years ago. I stand as another voice of warning to those who think that the present course of this country is the right one and will provide them with comfy lifestyle. You fools are ripe for a rude awaking! I have lived in socialist system, that is all I used to know and if I really have to I will survive in it, but all of you that think it will make your situation better are like whole bunch of crazy lobsters sitting in a pot of slowly heating up water that is going to come to a boiling point and then it will be too late to turn back. As for me I am heading for the country. It is time to go off grid!