Episode-40- Is Global Cooling the Next Real Threat? — 10 Comments

  1. “Why we have been sold on the idea of and “solution” to global warming in the first place”

    We just need to answer the first question, then yuo have all the answers.

    IPCC has only International mandate to investagate the man-made global warming and nothing else. That’s why IPCC never talks about natural cooling and all the other stuff….it’s simply not the task

  2. i wish the sound quality was better on your podcasts (possibly use less compression?)

    its so hard to listen to it with all the wierd compression artifacts in there. sounds like you record the podcast in a moving car sometimes.

    lots of great info, its just so hard to listen to..

  3. @tmo,

    The reason that it, “sounds like I record the podcast in a moving car sometimes”, is because I in fact do record the show in a moving car all the time.

    Full details here,

    I am working on the audio quality but for now it is what it is. I can either record the show during my commute or not record it at all.

    I am going to try using a different headset to see if that helps.

  4. Yeap – that’s what we’re getting ready for at our farm – global cooling, which follows global warming on every chart I’ve seen on the global warming thing.

    The other push to the forefront is the over fishing, which causes higher algae blooms, which decay to methane and explode, then cause sulfur into atmosphere (see “Strange Days on Planet Earth” – the African West Coast over fishing story). Since we have over fished nearly all the oceans AND the oceans are warming, then, it becomes only a matter of time. With less rain forests to absorb these pollutants – the more severe the reaction.

    One more little detail spells “c-o-o-l-i-n-g” is reading about the volcanic explosions that caused the last ice age . . AKA Dark Ages. One of the noticeable effects of the sulfur ash in the atmosphere was the red sun rises and sun sets. Kinda like what we are seeing now (more prominent at certain times of the year than others. . .could be caused by cycling of algae blooms?

    Different subject: any one else see the Victory Energy guy’s Google talks? check out:
    It’s not a “whole solution, but 1 small part in a problem where every bit is going to count.

    Survive on . . . S

  5. I’ve covered this a few times on my blog but, Not as well as you have. I got the heads up from Quinn over at But it didn’t strike home with me until I was running searches for reasons for the weird weather we’ve had all of 08. Brings to mind back in the 70’s when we thought folks were wacky for touting a new ice age. I think you have done a bang up job so far. Dragon

  6. Though I believe “Global Cooling” may not be as immediately likely as the oft-called “Global Warming”, I will agree that it’s possible. I have been guilty of calling Climate Change (whether anthropogenic or not, in nature) “Global Warming” and should stop using the term. I do agree though, that preparation for either is important and that is generally the same for both as well. I did like how you linked and eluded to the idea (one that many environmentalists don’t think of and I hadn’t evaluated my own thoughts on, prior to your podcast) that environmentalism (it a broad, true sense; much like the broad sense of communism in the broad sense (or on a small community level)) is also about independence and liberty from government.

    Keep up the great podcasts. I might not agree with all of your topics; but I do enjoy them and how you make people think about things more than we might have.



  7. ah that explains it.

    try to get the microphone as close to your mouth as possible (get some foam on there so you dont make popping noises with your breath.. )

    you will also probably need to be aware of the volume of your voice, you will need to lower it significantly from what you are used to.

    also a unidirectional is better in an enclosed space than a omnidirectional.

    you can probalby get by with what you have by getting it as close as you can to your mouth though.

  8. Thanks for the tips on the audio. That said have a listen to one of the most recent shows, I think I made a big improvement to them.

    I am using a Sony ICD-P620 to record and it came with some basic software to get recordings from the player (in some weird format) onto a PC with a more typical format. I had been letting the automated conversion go strait to MP3. I decided to try a .wav and it did not seem that much different. However when I rendered the final show it was much better that way. All that pitchy noise seems to have gone away.

    Listen to one of the most recent two shows and let me know what you think.

  9. Global warming with high C02 output would be very benificial. Higher C02 levels enable plants to grow better, faster, and endure during dry spells. Planet earth has had levels of C02 at 1000pm causing plant life to grow faster and better without high temperatures. As the sun reduces its output with zero or low sunspot activity history has shown this leads to a much colder earth even with high C02 levels. It could lead to an Ice Age which would cause major crop failures and mass starvation. My references are common sense and following real science. No I am not a scientist and niether is Al Gore who is getting very rich through carbon trading scams which do nothing to reduce carbon output. If C02 causes global warming, bring it on because the sun is going into a repeat phase of low solar output.