Stainless Steel Insulated French Press by Secura – Item of the Day — 14 Comments

  1. A French press is great. I own one and the coffee tastes better. I am not a coffee snob yet even I can taste the difference. Unfortunately, I own the glass version which makes it vulnerable to breakage. Under normal circumstances breakage is not much of a problem. I can order another one, but in the midst of a zombie apocalypse or some lesser catastrophe, breakage becomes a big problem. That is why having a steel or plastic French press makes more sense.

    Note that the reason the coffee tastes better is because it is exposed to coffee grounds for less time than drip or peculated coffee maker methods. If you leave the coffee in the French press for too long, it will become bitter. I simply make enough to drink at the time. If I want to keep it warm longer, I pour the coffee into a thermos.

    Alex Shrugged


  2. SHINING & SLEEK FRENCH PRESS It’s the best non electric filter I have ever seen or used! I can brew a nice flavourful coffee or tea in this French press, and enjoy my favourite cup of latte or lemon tea! Compact & Easy to Clean! Will recommend buying it!

  3. We have been using this press for 3 or 4 years every day.  It is smaller than some, but that means the water boils fast, pour it in, set clock for 4 minutes and pour into our old school thermos.  On the road, Pick up a LEXO coffee cup tumbler thing, pour the coffee in there, it soaks up the heat, cools the coffee to the perfect drinking temp in a couple minutes and holds it for several hours.

  4. AND available in the 17 ounce size for those of us who imbibe just a bit at a time!  I see a new accouterment for my greenhouse/she-shed/Happy Mother’s Day in my future…
    PS The 17 ounce is not on sale, but still, for about $20, still a good deal.

  5. started drinking coffee to lose weight.  it induced full and partial seizures.  didn’t make the connection for years, kept drinking coffee and having episodes, almost lost my job.  one day after a coffee binge I had an episode but still remembered the lead-up, tried dropping coffee, the seizures went away.  tried dropping chocolate too and my migraines went away – had them since I was a teenager, always thought it was just me, but it was the chocolate all along.

    just mentioning it for anyone to whom it’s relevant.

      • Thanks Jack, I just added it to my Amazon cart. P.S. I purchased the Champion Generator you recommended and did discover that the 2000W is not enough for an RV we rented for an event. So there is now a second Generator and the connecting kit in my cart about to be purchased. Should have just listened to you the first time. Thanks again.

        • Jack, I bought this press last time you featured it. I LOVE IT! I had a Frieling press that was too small — just not enough coffee for my morning. This Secura press is the perfect size for me. I like that the lid is configured to close or pour. I use it for both coffee and tea. Well done, sir!

  6. I got this French press a couple of years ago after my glass one broke. I love this one as it holds the heart well & is not prime to breaking.

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