Price Alert – DeWalt 20V 5.0 & 6.0 Ah Batteries are on Sale — 9 Comments

    • I got curious, so I looked it up. They do have one but it doesn’t have the fancy clip like makita but it does have belt loops, for only $16

      Dewalt, makita and Milwaukee also have adapter/converters to 12v. I found them while looking for ways to power things on a kayak. People do use them for fish finders but I can see a host of other 12v things it could power.
      Be sure to get the one with a buck converter though

  1. Hey Jack where is the link at top of your site that has the times you will be live. Haven’t seen it in awhile.

  2. So during the last power outage, I was thinking ‘hey, wouldn’t it be great if I could use these DeWalt batteries to charge my phones? what a great business idea!’

    turns out I was late to the party, these already exist:

    There are cheaper non-Dewalt options as well…

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