Masterblend Hydroponic Fertilizer – Item of the Day — 2 Comments

  1. Jack (or anyone else) – do you use tap water when mixing this up for use in your Kratky system? I built a system nearly identical to your and I had almost zero growth when using city tap water. When using jugs of purified water from the grocery store I had prolific growth. That said, I planted a different batch and type of seed that time so seed issues can’t be ruled out. Curious what you guys have found.

  2. Aaron, I harvest rainwater directly off my asphalt shingled roof and have used this exclusively for my hydroponic lettuce growing for two years. The pH is usually good as is, and it usually has much lower PPM than my tap water (10x lower). I just use a few 5 gallon Homer buckets or a commander 17 gallon tote. If you get any dirt, just let it settle in the bucket and use a cup to transfer 90% into a clean bucket. Good luck!