37 Lb Counter Top Ice Maker by Vevor – Deal of the Day — 9 Comments

  1. My wife was getting on me that I needed to either fix one of the two countertops I own (both are on the fritz) or buy another one… I didn’t want to buy “another one” cuz they seem to have a short fuze of obsolesces designed in. Great timing… just purchased this one and look forward to having a better unit. Bonus: My main refrigerator – the ice maker also broke on it… that’s why we bought the countertop units. I am betting I can run the already present water source that is connected to the fridge to this unit as it sits adjacent to my fridge… an extra win since I won’t have to keep filling the countertop unit. Happy days.

  2. Is the where-to-buy link set right? You mentioned it being on sale currently. When I followed the link, it went to Vevor’s site for $349. Amazon has one listing (sold by Amazon) for that brand/model for $288, and another (different seller but otherwise looks the same) for $170. Looks nice but the inconsistent prices are confusing. Also not sure what counts as an authorized seller for warranty purposes.

    Some reviews on the “sold by Amazon” listing say theirs failed after a few months. Something about sudden grinding noises and/or the machine thinks empty basket is full. Is that likely to be from mineral buildup?

    I’ve run into mineral problems with a Keurig coffee maker. An occasional citric acid clean-out keeps the coffee flowing. Vinegar also works for descaling a Keurig, but leaves a repulsive residual flavor for the next several days.

  3. I just bought 6/28/2024 through your link from Vevor for 169.99. Checked out as a guest and used your code and for another 5% ( 8.50 ). Thanks Jack!

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