Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds – Item of the Day — 9 Comments

  1. Good morning Jack. I’m a pretty big Anker fan as well for all the reasons you stated above. I splurged on myself this Christmas and purchased the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro ear buds. They were on sale, but now back to full price. I tried several ear buds, including Bose, and I have to say these Liberty 2 Pro’s are awesome, especially when you download the app and play with the EQ settings. They really came to life. I wouldn’t be afraid to buy any of the Anker Soundcore products based on my experiences. Nobody can touch them on value or customer service.

    (My previous ear buds were the cheapest at around $35, but they lasted well over a year with daily use. They actually still work, but the batteries are reaching the end of their life.)

    • I can and will look into it for a higher end model in the future but don’t know off hand. Despite being a podcaster I am not a huge audio snob so this is about as high end as I get. What I do most times is I only wear one at a time. Low tech but solves the issue of hearing people. I know this isn’t a solution for all but it is low tech and does work.

  2. Good value for the price & good timing on this offer. Two is one & one is none. Blew milk out my nose when I got to the reason why black is preferable. Agree.

  3. These work great in loud environs. They even keep there connection when wearing the cheap ear muffs my employer buys. Worth every penny.

  4. Funny, I’m listening to the episode where Jack recommended these earbuds on a set of these earbuds.

    I’ve had them most of a year now, still excellent quality and the battery life is still good, about 4 hours of continuous before they’ll say low battery. With the amount of audio content I consume, they’re probably at 500-550 cycles, and I think they started at 4.5 actual hours of use (they base their hours of use on a low volume level that will make it last longer)

    Solid earbuds and at this price I’ll have to pick up a spare set for when I inevitably lose my current set.

  5. Jack, I really enjoy your podcasts! I also greatly respect your opinion, but gotta ask you what your thoughts are on bluetooth and having this technology next to your brain, and also how it might affect you healthwise. I see so much conflicting info. Thanks!

  6. The only thing these are missing is some sort of pass through mode. I bought a pair of Jabra’s years ago and the battery is pretty worn out. I need to replace them but I love this feature. Especially when walking and listening for cars or being able to have a conversation without having to take them out when your hands are super greasy and dirty. I think Anker has this feature but it’s only available on more expensive models. Does anybody recommend an Anker version with this feature? Looks like they call it Transparency.