Heads Up on a Hell of a Deal on a Bad Ass Briggs & Stratton Inverter Generator — 11 Comments

  1. “(4) 120V, 20A outlets, (1) 120V, 30A RV outlet, & (2) USB ports allow you to stay connected and keep Multiple items Powered simultaneously”

    this spec doesn’t indicate it will run a 2 phase well pump.  If you are planning to run 120v stuff from an extension cord this should do anything a regular house plug will do.  But if you’re in the market for a generator disconnect panel for well pump power this isn’t it.

    • Good point. Two questions to help clarify your comment. How do you know if a portable WILL run a 2 phase well pump? Whats specs should we be looking for?


      • I asked Shawn Mills to answer this comment I am sure he will when he gets the time to.

        • I think the plug you’re looking for is an L14-30R (30amp) or 14-50 (50amp). Those are the 240v plugs, so if it’s got one or the other of those, should support 240v

      • Jim, I think you are referring to a split phase well pump, not “2 phase” power. Split phase is 240 with two hot legs. What you are getting by using this is the same power with less amperage. All you really need to be looking at is the startup and running power requirements vs what the generator is capable of.

  2. Thanks for listing on MeWe- that’s where I found it, and I finally pulled the trigger

  3. Damn, I am always late in seeing this thing on sale. I may still buy it at regular price but since the 6500 Watt is only $100 more on Amazon, any reason not to go for more watts?

    • I was wondering what that cheaper model was. Idk about getting a CARB model though.