Dewalt Battery Adapter for 18V To 20V – Item of the Day — 2 Comments

  1. I thought I would add something I found extremely helpful in my situation.

    They also make these adapters so that you can put say in my case, my DeWalt 20v batteries on my Craftsman 19.2 v tools which really helps.

    As a downside on the DeWalt adapter when using them on my model 18v circular saw, the 5ah battery can hang below the shoe.  Cutting a 2×6 is no problem but thicker sheet goods the battery plus the adapter can hang sometimes.

  2. I too am a Dewalt fan and have three of their cordless drill motors.

    My old 9.6volt (you read that right) is still going strong because I (or rather my son) rebuilt the NiCd battery pack.  If you are good with a soldering iron, consider rebuilding them yourself.

    We have NOT tried to rebuild any of the 20V Lithium Ion batteries yet. Just don’t have the need.