Knipex Cobra Pliers – Item of the Day — 4 Comments

  1. The day I found out about Knipex Cobra pliers from my brother in law I retired the Channel Locks I had carried in my trucking bag for 15 years.
    Wranglerstar did a video on the side cutters by Knipex and he was impressed how much better they were than other manufacturers models.

  2. I got the 4″ pliers during Prime Day . . . carried them every day since. Those, a Gerber Armbar Drive, and a Cloud Defensive “Chicro” fit together very nicely in the watch pocket of the Duluth Trading jeans I wear a lot of days. I wouldn’t mind a better way to carry them, but just having them in my pocket works most days.

  3. The German language has no silent letters, so the correct pronunciation would be “kuh-NIP-ex”. Don’t risk a visit from the German Grammar Police.

    Side note: When I lived there, my landlord nearly bent his brain trying to understand why “axe” isn’t pronounced “AX-uh”. 😀