Turkish Made Folding Harvesting and Pruning Knife – Item of the Day — 6 Comments

    • I know, this is one of the items I’ve been trying to grab. I’d pay full price but Jack keeps selling them out. Haha.

  1. Yep, just saw this and clicked through.  Item unavailable.  Will keep it on my “wish list,” hopefully it will pop back in stock.

  2. Victorinox has a new folding knife you would like. Their “foldable paring knife” (serrated or plain) is basically a folding version of their “tomato knife.” It has a liner lock and Victorinox says it is dishwasher safe! What impresses me most… it has a blade that’s well over 4 inches, but it weighs close to a Spyderco Dragonfly (under 1.5 ounces). Because of the low weight, the blade does flex (like a steak knife). The serrated version comes in many different colors. Because it lacks a point, it’s very friendly and non-tactical looking. I discovered it on the MeZillch youTube channel. It’s uniquely handy and I think it’s going to become really popular among folks into preparedness. The only potential downside is that it may be tricky for people with less hand strength (a female friend of mine had trouble closing the lock).

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