The New Wild: Why Invasive Species Will Be Nature’s Salvation – Item of the Day — 4 Comments

  1. Have not read this yet; however, I love any book that examines “things everyone knows”.

  2. As one with +20 years in the green industry and a former native plant enthusiast…I look forward to checking this out. People fail to realize that plants travel in large part due to the biggest invasive species on the planet – i.e. Homo sapiens var. domesticus fragilis

    Before we evolved into our modern day / current format of the species, we were traveling and eating and pooping and carrying plants and seeds from continent to continent. We facilitated all invasive species by being the apex invasive species on the planet.

  3. I once heard that dandilions were imported!

    (Because of health reasons… “Bitters”)

  4. I am interested in reading this having been a member of the Florida Native Plant Society. I saw the melaleuca tree(paper tree), Brazillian pepper, and the Australian pine take over portions of the Everglades and any disturbed land in south Florida.