Wild Planet Mackerel Fillets in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Item of the Day — 11 Comments

  1. Wild Planet Tuna is fantastic also!  Similar texture to what you describe for the Mackerel.  These guys have their poop in a group!

  2. Went to the link and price was more. I guess I did something wrong or Jack had posted an incorrect price. I could not find $36.65 anywhere.

  3. They likely raised the price due to inventory, vendors do it all the time, as inventory dwindles they raise the price to prevent a full sell out and loss of ranking in the Amazon search system. 44 bucks is still not bad for a 12 pack though IMHO.

  4. “sea salt”

    just a head’s up, my understanding is that most of the world’s “sea salt” is produced in china, and that they get it from the ocean water between china and japan, which I read is some of the most heavily polluted ocean water anywhere.

  5. I’ve bought these before and they are fucking phenomenal.

    I have one question for you, Jack.


    Where did you get those smoked olives?

    I love olives but have never had a smoked olive.



  6. Wild Planet is good stuff, got a bunch of it on your recommendation. Jack, ever tried King Oscar Mackerel Mediterranean Style? N Atlantic mackerel in olive oil with sliced green and black olives with Herbes de Provence, red pepper, salt and garlic. Not what you would use in a recipe but delicious out of the can for a snack.

    • Very much milder.  Not like sardines at all and I like sardines.  This is more like high end canned tuna, which is a thing but not common in America.

  7. The best “Chili Mac” I’ve ever had. (All meat Chili over Mackerel fillet’s) Doesn’t sound good but it really is; especially topped with some strong cheese, or sour cream.