The Real Anthony Fauci – Item of the Day — 6 Comments

  1. I ordered the book yesterday before you had it as your item of the day. First the delivery was pending, then they said between January 27th and February 5th for delivery. Who knows when it will arrive. I’m in and around 30 IUs for my vitamin D daily intake too. We are not crazy. Lol

  2. I’ve been working on this book for a few weeks whenever I have the brain power to absorb everything I’m about to hear (also listening due to an abundance of audible credits). It is maddening how this man is still in a position of power and not behind bars. He is a crook and a killer of millions, targeting vulnerable populations and people desperate for answers and cures. I feel like when trying to describe what I’m learning I need to put my tin foil hat back on because as the words come out of my mouth they sound so outlandish, but these are the facts and “reality” is the lie.

    I also listen at increased speed as the narrator almost made me lose interest until I increased to 1.4.

    I would also love to hear more about what you read on a regular basis. Ever think of doing a “Book of the week/month” type segemnt/show? Make it the item of the day each time with a small (or broader) discussion?

  3. I ordered my copy before Christmas, but had to finish Invasive Species – the New Wild which was overdue at the library first. Just started it yesterday. Bobby Kennedy can really write and this book is going to improve my vocabulary too. I know what he is going to tell us, but damn it just sounds so incredible as he lays it out. Hopefully this will lead us to the new Nuremburg trials as the red pill truth becomes available to a majority. Not just Fauci going down, but the whole trust in this government.

  4. Personally, I’d rather get the hard cover/paperback for this vs the Kindle. Never know when Amazon will decree this BadSpeak and it disappears off the Kindle..

  5. It is 2.99 ok Kindle. It may disappear at some point, but it’s worth the start to have it instantly for $3