The “Big Peeler” by New Soda – Item of the Day — 3 Comments

  1. It’s like you knew I needed a new peeler.  Our old “el cheapo” is finally about to bite the bullet.  Thanks!

    I’ll give that sauce a try. Also from Kroger, A La Orden Enchilada Sauce is pretty terrific as well.

    I hope your method for removing the moisture works.  Sounds like it should.

  2. To avoid a soupy casserole, you need to dry out the veggies more before cooking them.

    I lay out a kitchen towel and sprinkle it with salt. As I peel the zucchini, I put the zoodles on the towel. Afterwards, I sprinkle salt on top and cover with another towel for about 15 minutes. Sometimes I also put a baking sheet on top to press out more moisture. After 15 minutes, the towels will be wet and the zucchini drier.

    I also squeeze or roast the other veggies as possible to reduce the moisture.

    • I did all that, it still gets soupy. We actually show us doing that in the video.