Episode-367 An Interview with Tammy Gangloff of Dehydrate2Store — 20 Comments

  1. I LOVE TAMMY! and I\’ve been watching her videos since the beginning. I remember pulling my husband in and sitting him down to watch them with me, and we were both moved to start dehydrating right away. I\’m so glad you had her on today. And she is so right about our kids! One of the things I am doing now is teaching my daughter and son how to take food from our garden and dehydrate for long term storage. It\’s a family affair!

    Thanks Jack for having her on the show. And thanks to Tammy for all that you do.

  2. Great show. This is the kick in the butt I need to get serious about dehydrating. I find myself throwing out so much of my perishables and I need to get a handle on it. Thanks!

  3. Jack,

    Thanks for getting Tammy out there. I\’ve been a fan of hers for quite a while too. Tammy thank you too.

  4. Thanks so much, Jack and Tammy,

    This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I ordered my Excalibur last year and got started with dehydrating all because of Tammy’s videos (at Jack’s recommendation).

    Great show…

  5. In Asia, there is a lot of dry items that can last for several years without any lost in taste. Sausage, duck, pork are in dry form that when store in a plastic bin(cover with a plastic sheet then lock it with the handle) will last more than 3 years(maybe 10years). Sun dry octopus, anchovies, prawn fry, meat floss, dry veg, century egg. All this can be easily obtained from a Chinatown near your place.

  6. This show was probably my all time favorite classic for future reference. Thanks for the great info, with one of my very favorite guests. Tammy also has a great, and informative website! My Excaliber of the 1980s was loaned out many years ago, so I have replaced it and started back into drying veggies. It\’s a great investment…sales have been great this year. I just finished a case of 24 stalks of celery 4 stalks for a dollar. Anyway, this reminds me about the similarities of the official oxygen absorbers, and the new Heatworks air activated hand warmers I just got from EBAY. They cost about 50 cents apiece, and are individually wrapped. I believe Wally World also sells them. Anyway, the contents are listed as: Iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal, and vermiculite. Is there a way to test these to see if they work the same way as an Oxygen absorber. Would they be safe? They appear to be about the same size as the bigger ones for 5gal buckets. Could this be a handy alternative to buying a whole bunch all at once??? TIA…Kathy W

  7. LOVED this show. I just watched all of Tammy\’s videos on You tube and ordered by Excalibur. I can\’t wait to get it and start dehydrating!

    Thanks for the great show!


  8. The link to order the “Backyard Food Production” does not work for me. Anybody else?

  9. @Jason, definitely on your end. All of them open in new windows, is a pop up blocker your issue. Hold control down and click and see if that is the issue.

  10. Just listened to this show. Wow! it was great and full of information. I’m pumped. We have a run of he mill dehydrator that we used to do jerky this year, turned out ok, but I knew there was more to it. Thanks for letting me know what that “more to it” actually is. Dehydrating and the equipment for it will be on our list of lists, and on the monthly “do something new” list! Thanks again Jack.

  11. Anyone have suggestions for an alternative to the Excalibur dehydrators? I’d like to get started after listening to this podcast but can’t afford $200 for a unit. I do see they have one for $120 so I’ll start saving for that but am interested in other alternatives. Too bad they apparently aren’t on eBay other than used…

  12. Mike,

    I just started dehydrating about a month ago and decided to go with a NESCO (model 75R) for my first dehydrator. Since I was just starting, I wasn\’t sure if I would stick with it so I didn\’t want to spend $200 on an Excalibur. For my purposes it works fine. I dehydrate a couple times a week and so far everything, including jerky, has come out fine.

  13. Mike,

    Check out Freecycle and Craigslist. I found an older model American Harvest dehydrator for $10 in great shape on Craigslist. Something like that might be good to start out if you can’t afford an Excalibur or just want to see if dehydrating is for you.

  14. Hello Jack,

    I loved this show. I just love what Tammy is doing to help her family and many others like me. Through watching her YouTube videos, I have already started dehydrating foods. It\’s very easy. For items that I plan to use, I simply put the dehydrated food into quart Mason jar\’s with an oxygen absorber. It\’s so easy.

    One of my next projects is to start dehydrating to store items in Mylar with oxygen absorbers and create a 5 gallon bucket with everything to produce a month of meals from dehydrated foods, and herbs and spices that can be stored long term. As I go through this process, I\’ll need to test the recipes to insure that they taste good and are not too hard to prepare.

    Tammy is such a very nice person. I think that she is wonderful, and I hope that she continues her good work. I\’m very thankful.

    Jack, thank you so much for hosting Tammy on The Survival Podcast. Keep up the good work.

    Regards, Anthony

  15. Darn you Jack, you got me back into this big time.
    Here is a guy that claims he figured out how to make decent dehydrated mashed potatoes.

    I’m always looking to how to preserve the “calorie” foods. They will keep you alive if not happy. Beans, grains go normal dry. Potato and other starch crops are part of the same “calorie” deal in my thinking.

    Someone on usenet suggested I look into store brand dehydrator. Just another option for you folks. I’m going over there tomorrow to see their unit and the Excalibur side by side (if they stock them in my store).

  16. Got got around to spooling through some of the show’s I missed and caught this one last night. One of the best IRT information content that’s been done on the Podcast. From Tammy’s link, I went looking for the 3Mil Microchannel Bags and came up (maybe??) dry. Looked under the DCSales Enterprises www site, linked from Tammys page ant came up Product #: 30-0102-W-WS

    “These heavy duty bags are designed to be used on virtually all external clamp style vacuum sealing machines. These new, innovative bags have a layer of polyethylene mesh sealed into the entire length of the bag which is specially designed to be a channel that draws the air out of the bag.”

    Don’t know if this is a microchannel bag which she highly touted or not.

    Speaking of vacuum sealers, check out the models on the site. They seal bags up to 15″ wide and pull 28 inches of vacuum! Hold on to your money and put off that Foodsaver purchase from Walmart and get one of these!

    For those looking for 5 or 6 gallon pail sized mylar bags, Sorbent systems sells item numbers PAKVF4 – Foodgrade 4.3 mils pail liner and #
    PAKDRY7500 Foodgrade 7.5 mils pail liner

    See you on the forums!