Episode-365- An Interview with Cam Mather — 8 Comments

  1. i am reading Cam’s book right now. Excellent!
    Jack, you really know what you’re doing. Thanks.

  2. Great interview! I’ve been listening for a couple months and over the course of the last few interviews I’ve noticed you’ve got your interview game pretty tight. I’d love to see you start getting into panel discussion style discussions with some dissenting opinions. Too many podcasts are just a crowd of people sitting around and agreeing with each other. Not saying I want to hear cable news style argue-fests, but a couple people with thick skin coming from two different points of view can create some really good stuff.

  3. Awesome interview. I do notice a lot of breathing on the mic in this from Jack’s end though, might want to address that for future interviews, as it is distracting.

  4. Great Show,

    Talk about building community. It was exciting to hear a guest from Canada who is actually located a couple hours down the road from our homestead. I plan to pick up his book now that you have introduced us through your show.

    Thanks Jack

  5. Yep great to hear a guest who lives not far from me so I can learn what’s possible in my area.

    I’m gonna have to get that book too!

  6. This was a very inspiring, as well as educational, interview. Please note that Cam Mather is also featured in the Feb/Mar issue of The Mother Earth News in an article titled \"Off The Grid\" (
    This is an excellent article due to the photowork that show they really do it an environment that some would consider hostile. Quite impressive is the energy use they can maintain off the grid. Great interview, great article.