The Intentional Destruction of Modern Society – Epi-3378 — 2 Comments

  1. I might feel bad for Brandon’s situation if not for the fact that the only reason he’s in it at all is because he was a conniving power hungry scum-sucker when he still had his facilities. As it is he’s a bad guy who got himself in a bad situation, and fair game to laugh at.

  2. Talking to a son who has been in online security for many years. I got a text message addressing one of my kids, inviting them by first name to run for any open local political office, just say the word, and they’d put them on the ticket. (The less popular of the 2 major political parties in our local area – not likely to win).
    He understood how hackers got this info from text messages. What I didn’t understand was why go to the trouble, why invite random people to run for political office using hacked info which may or may not be valid.
    He reminded me how low the political bar was. Look at our two top candidates for our next presidential campaign. How the majority don’t want either one as president.
    The odds are, candidates found through personalized political spam message could be an improvement.
    Sadly, truth is, it could also be a way to sort through and find people willing to toe the party line, easy to be controlled.