Episode-2051- The Future of Housing and Intentional Communities — 3 Comments

  1. Excellent interview today Jack and Rob. PermaEthos 3.0 is code named ThriveThrough and is a central online community focused on building both physical and virtual teams, neighborhoods and intentional communities. The website is, we will be open to the public shortly. You can go there now to sign up for your invitation.
    We also have staff positions open. In the form just let us know you are interested in becoming a staff member. Staff members are working hard now to build the site and organize the community. We have weekly tactical and governance meetings.

  2. Been wondering about Permaethos Jack – thanks for the update.
    Been to Rob Roys’ place researching cordwood about 15 years ago. Cool place – though cordwood masonry is a tough one to find a proper context for – so long as one can find a mill anywhere kind of nearby-ish. Unless of course people are sitting around waiting to mix concrete for you.