Episode-1598- The Ins and Outs of Legally Owning Firearm Suppressors (AKA Silencers) — 17 Comments

  1. Finally a REAL honest to goodness survival topic! It’s been a while and I’ve been waiting for something like this!!!

  2. Is this sort of a one-off thing or is Thursday going to be more of a Jack’s Choice sort of day? It’s all good, I was just sort of looking forward to a caller show today.. Haha

    • Thursdays will become call in days. I am jammed up against a vacation coming though and I am still honestly in a lot of pain from the wreck. (especially sitting down, ironically it hurts less when I work hard physically)

      Dorothy will start booking people back to one a week after we get back from vacation. Right now I just didn’t have it in me to do two shows in one day especially with one being a call in show. So we have multiple guests booked this week and next week.

      I hope everyone understands. I really am at half speed right now. This accident took a lot out of me physically, mentally and time wise. On top of it my house is still a wreck, the two week remodel is entering its 7th week, now we found 5K in mold that has to be fixed.

      So I am just having to know my limits for a bit.

      • Of course we understand. What a crappy confluence. I was in a bad, car-totaling accident a few years ago. It sucked so much, took months to get over it. Remodeling and mold on top of that? Ugh. My sincere sympathies. Hope you feel better soon.

      • Also, if you ever felt up to it, I for one would appreciate a ‘lessons learned’ segment or show about your remodel experience. What you would done differently, early warning signs, etc.

  3. Any future MSB discount possible with Southern Silencers?

    Thanks. Hope you feel better.


  4. I understand the lasting effects of a car wreck. I rolled my car three times about a year ago. It doesn’t seem like it can last as long as they do. For me it was 4 months. I hope your pain is short lived. I really like the Thursday/Friday schedule you did last week. Please keep up the good work you do.

  5. I have been looking at supressors for a long time I had a guy tell me that he wished he would have bought a larger caliber one the first time. I was looking at a .22 supressor but he told me to get a larger one and it would work just fine on a .22. Is that true or am I better off getting a smaller rimfire one and a larger center fire pistol one?

  6. I’ve been looking at and thinking about getting a supressor for a long time.

    After this interview, I spent a bit of time looking at a rifle to replace the one I have now. I’ve been thinking about going with the M1A scout. I found a video where a guy does the modifications necessary to put a suppressor on it, and it sounds like it could be worth the time spent on it.

    The full sized M1A apparently requires no modifications or additional parts which is nice, but a smaller platform seems more usable to me all around.

  7. Thanks for the positive comments!
    I tried not to “sell” at all during the interview.
    My market is Tennessee residents only. I will extend a discount to any member of the community. Call or email, tell me what you are looking to buy, identify yourself as a member of TSP community, I’ll get back to you with a discount.
    I will answer questions submitted by any TSP community member, regardless of where you live.

  8. It’s funny but I sent a question about suppressors for expert council member Brian Black about 2 weeks ago and now we get a whole show on them. Very informative. I am looking to purchase a suppressor and I am seeing stuff about “wet” or “dry” and was wondering if Lane could explain what they are refering to?

    Also it is too bad he is only selling to Tennessee residents-I would rather buy from a MSB member than an online company.

  9. Dry is how most everyone uses their silencer. Wet referee to placing a small amount of water in the silencer prior to firing.
    The water improves the performance by 2 to 4 dab. It normally lasts for about 3 to 5 shots, then time to add more water.
    Some use water based liquids, wire drawing lubricants being the most popular.
    Dan, hope this helped, if not, then you know the process.

  10. Dakota Silencers is licensed to sell in MN.
    Brandon Maddox is a good friend, he is owner.
    He should be supportive of community in his area.